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The Leo 3 for 2030


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German Parliament approved a proposal to develop a new generation of tanks, program will be included in the medium-term planning of the German Ministry of Defense.

The decision comes amid tense of “Ukrainian crisis” situation where the number of Leopard 2A6 tanks 225/7 that the Bundeswehr aims to maintain operational would become suddenly rather inadequate.

The explanatory memorandum of document speaks of great importance that the armored units have German Army, they must be supported in the future by equipping a new generation of tanks, especially since the German military industry would be able to deliver such of product.

Development of the new tank could be the subject of cooperation between France and Germany, followed sometime around March 2030 Leopard becomes operational.

First make sure you check out Resboiu’s website. Interesting stuff. This catches me off guard. The German Army just received its first Leopard 2A7’s and they’re already off and running for a new MBT. Great planning. The partnership with France gives me pause. I’ve seen articles stating that the French are on the verge of giving the go-ahead for an updated LeClerc MBT and even if they give the go ahead to merge industries I don’t see them going for the German practice of a heavy, yet mobile vehicle.

The French emphasize expeditionary type forces too much for a partnership to be practical. Still this bears watching. If nothing else it will give us a clue into Western Europe thinking on the direction of future armored vehicles.


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I hope the project works well for both nations

I was beginning to think the Leo-2 would be the last MBT built in western Europe.

It also shows the top brass still thinks there is a place on the modern battlefield for tanks.

Its just a shame IMO, The Brits are not part of the collaboration which means if the ever Replace the CR-2 it will most likely be an off the self purchase.

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Huh, good news indeed... But! Any previous attempts of joint NATO/ European efforts in area of MBT design were not successful...

Although the MBT 70 was never adopted.

Both the Americans and Germans got a lot of Research material out of the project so it was Not a complete waste of money and time.

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Huh, good news indeed... But! Any previous attempts of joint NATO/ European efforts in area of MBT design were not successful...

Different times. It was when all the European countries maintained a (mostly subsidized) heavy arms industry of their own, wanting to protect it. This is no longer the case. Save for BAE with no substantial MBT facturing capability, nothing is left in Britain. France has dismantled GIAT, and the offspring Nexter might merge with KMW.

At this point all that's being discussed is a design study. This MIGHT serve as a springboard for a tender to build competing prototypes. For that there are only a handful of real competitors left who could build such prototypes, Rheinmetall and KMW/Nexter. Hägglunds/Bofors of BAE might submit a bid of their own, maybe also some Italian company.

After prototype evaluation the actual manufacturing will be invited to tender. Most likely it will then be a 60-40 or 70-30 split between winner and closest competitor, depending on production capacity and ... other considerations.

The only real question in the design study is whether the national requirements of the relevant nations (France, Germany) can be met in good compromise. We tried that in the 1950s and parted ways with AMX-30/Leo 1. We tried it in the late 1960s and parted ways with the M1/Leo 2. Back then there was no real political will to make it work. Now it might be different. If not, at least it might result in eliminating concepts that don't work, which is also useful to know. :tongue:

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