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TGIF 2015: scenario list, discussion, and house rules

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In honor of all the turkeys that have lost their lives for Thanksgiving, we will be having no TGIF this Friday (27 NOV). You are all suggested to go forth and be with your family instead. Get away from here, SB will be there when you return. ;)

Kidding aside, Sean will be away and I will be out of town as well so we both figured it was a good idea to put TGIF on hold until DEC 4th. Feel free to meet up and play your own scenario however.

Until then...

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So for the other 80% of the planet who doesn't care about Pilgrims, Turkey, NFL, etc. ... :)

Happy to host something in the same time slot if there is sufficient interest.

What!??? No interest in Pilgrims!?? :mad2:

Sounds good, glad you guys will be getting something going in our absence. PM me who CO'd this Friday and we will add them to the official count. :)

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Yes indeed "not so easy".

Leo 1 Vs "experimental" T-90s. ;)

But glad it was workable from a technical point of view and the non "turkey addicts" got a SB fix. :)

I had a fine time. Thanks to Mark for hosting. Must speak to my gunner, though: I put three rounds into one of those T-90s at <1000 meters and barely scratched it's paint while other Leo's took out their targets with one or two rounds. Back to the ranges! :decu:

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