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Iranian Missile Tests


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It's a ruse to drum up the price of oil, which benefits the coffers of the Islamic Republic of Iran immensely. Just whip out some good old-fashioned MAD on Iran and be done with it. This sort of paranoia-inducing detente seemed to work just fine against the Godless Soviets. Just subvert the Islamic Republic with coca cola, jeans and sex and watch them crumble... Oops, that plan won't work as the Islamic Republic of Iran is financially well off by supplying the Great Satan with its petroleum fix. Further, Iran is far from Godless... we all know that when God is on your side, you can do no wrong.

MAD should work as I'm pretty sure that, despite being a "...nation of martyrs," Iran likely wants to exist. Surely there aren't enough virgins for all of them.

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I dont understand why the media is going so bat shit over these tests. The Iranians kinda stated that they would conduct the Great Prophet 3 exercise in July a few months ago. They have been doing this since 2006. It is not something that is new...

Perhaps, but it feeds the oil market frenzy and makes for sensationalist news. Wag the dog and all that...

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German intelligence sources have said that pictures of Iran's latest missile test are "Genuine, ominously genuine." The tests prove, sources say, that the Islamic Republic has stolen plans for the German Schvanz missile system, which was thought to be a closely-guarded state secret.

Analyists warn that China is rushing thier Wang missile system into pre-production; it is feared that the Wang system is closely based on the Schwanz.


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"Stealth Bomber"

"Tehran declares: The advanced aircraft we never had".

Intelligence organizations around the world investigated a series of pictures in the Iranian Foreign Affairs Ministery site (NE: WTF do such pictures do in a ministry of foreign affairs site??).

...It is a demonstration of force, upgraded lately as part of increasing tension between Iran and Israel. Promptly after exposure of these pictures, specialists identified highly advanced weapons no-one knew the Iranians had, such as F-16 and F-14 with highly unusual armament. Those pictures, titled "Innovative Iranian Armament", got enthusiast patriotic responses.

...Tal Inbar, head of the airospace center in Fischer Institution for Strategic Research identified the models as carrying impossible armament. "Iranian Airforce did purchase F-14s at the time of the Shah, but we don't know how many of those are still operational, and typical armament, like Pheonix missiles, is beyond the grasp of Iran anyway." he said. He also claimed "there are also pictures of models of Mig-29s, that were received from Saddam during GWI. It is possible that those aircraft are inoperational too, and that's why they presented models instead of the real thing."

Apparently, the guy that's building these models showed off in western enthusiasts forums. that's the origin of the picture of the sedan-portable airfield.

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