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"SKJALDBORG" FINLAND campaign mission2

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Employing BILL-2

A quick write up on BILL-2 for anyone who have not used it. Will not do one of Gibsonm's fancy how to guides just a quick and dirty with most important things. Considering how many enemy tanks there is (atleast 8) and that our tanks cant be everywhere the BILL will be the most important tool for the CV90 platoons on tank fighting.

My background? Squad leader on a BILL system in 2001... :)

*Thermal only have 1 zoom, to ID target you have to go out of thermals, preferebly its in normal view you will fire your BILL.

*The BILL can go through small branches etc (around 2cm thick branches if memory serves me right) so you CAN fire through thin tree lines but there IS a risk the missile will detonate ( In real life there is also risk that the line will be cut by the branches which means the missile will auto destruct).

*Range is 2000m and flight time is 11 seconds, 13 seconds from you hit the trigger (2 seconds of data work being done before launching the missile).

I have timed a strv 122 moving top speed over open ground on this map and it takes 2 1/2 minute to cover 1 km open ground which means that most open areas on the map can be targeted on fast moving tanks.

*If you are firing on tanks moving AWAY from you you need to add this to your calculation so the missile wont go out of range before catching up with the moving target.

*The BILL is wire guided "eyes on" missile so you need to keep your crosshair on the target at all time, the real life missile is sensitive to hasty movements but the SB BILL do not have this issue, so you can move the crosshair around pretty freely even after launch (for example switch target if one disappears you can continue on next).

*BILL-2 is TOP ATTACK with TWO shaped charges. This means two things.

1. You can attack targets that are hull down, as long as you can see antennas, machine guns etc. Just aim 2-3 mils above the turret and the missile will detonate over the target (in real life you are supposed to aim where you think the turret is, but in SB this makes the missile explode over dirt, so adapt and overcome).

2. It means you have no troubble taking out targets with ERA on the roof as first shaped charge are designed to remove ERA blocks so 2nd charge have a clear way.

*If you have a small forest obstructing your FOW you can gain a few seconds by tracking and firing when the target is covered by the trees (assuming you can see the tanks moving behind the trees and sure he will break into the open). So if the target are 1km out you have a flight time of ca 6 seconds plus 2 data stuff so 8 seconds before the tank breaks into the open you can push the trigger and the tank will be hit just when it breaks into the open. If you are to wait to have a clear shot you will add 8 seconds of "any-f*cking-shit-can-happen" and as you probleby have 2 more tanks to engage of that platoon you really want to cut down on the seconds of flight time.

*Terrain recce. calculate. Figure out where you can engage and where you cant engage with the BILL. Covered retreat path.

This is what will make you win or die. Aim for side shots on distances of 1 to 2 km. be sure to have frontal cover that covers yours missile team while sending flanking shots on the targets.

Good retreat route is important. Most important is to have something that can break LOS between you and the enemy quickly. Like a building, hedges (infantry can walk through hedges like nothing) or hill. Dont forget to smoke before moving as it will take a while to get the system down and moving. (In real life the BILL squad had carl gustav with mostly smoke rounds to cover area between enemy and BILL with smoke if needed to pull out under fire).

*Do not forget to cover the BILL team with friendly infantry on the BILL teams flank so the enemy mech do not take you out while you are engaging the tanks.

Think this is enough for now, If I come up with more important stuff I will add it.


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unfortunately not, will see if I have time to make one during the week, but as I got "upped" as the CO I think most free SB will be planing our defence and writing orders.


Don't concern yourself with it KT. I have a sort of Test Scenario somewhere that I use for vehicle and weapon system famil. I'm sure I can add a Bill to that. :)

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Well it's not an bad idea. Own use of TOW/ATGM has been allot in the shadows behind its "cooler" big brothers IFV and tanks, so it wouldn't be all bad to actually make a ATGM training scenario(s) that covers different ATGM systems to enhance players use of ATGM's in the game.

Something to add to the "to do list" I belive.


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Okey OPORD has been sent out to PL leaders/other more or less important persons.

Hopefully everyone participating will have received their orders from their platoon leader before game start on saturday so we can keep down the loitering time before game start due to orders and clearing up confusion.


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Servus Katie,

got it thanks, one question in the plan file the 3C platoon is in the west bp LONDON. In the OPORD he has to take a defensive position in the east bp Washington.

I`m 3C platoon leader, where do you want me?


D u k e

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