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"SKJALDBORG" FINLAND campaign mission2

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Grenny has sent me the real scenario file, are working on plan file right now but the plan mission is just as good as the real scenario for reccon, because in the real one its dark when we start :P

But don't you have to have a .sce file open to open the plan?

Or am I missing something?

I'll try it anyway...

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got it

Mr Eisen, thinking of splitting JFST duties as:




Mortars react to enemy movements.

Howitzers dish out the goods on the "Fixed" Enemies / as per battle plan.

Smoke missions as agreed in mission.

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You can go camping in the woods when its -15 outside. :)

I'll have the nice warm M113, I've made a few modifications:

A BV & a Toaster/Oven

(BV "Hack" involving a BV heating element an Ammo Tin I liberated from Grenny's LMV when he wasn't looking and a guy in the LOGPACK with a drill. Those .50 cal tins can hold 2 main meals nicely, Grenny won't miss them, honest.)

Anyway, Mr. Eisen.

Katie has a couple of points picked out for the dismounts.

Basic plan is:

Kick the dismounts out, and annoy the Russkies as they drive past with the rest of the battlegroup beating them senseless along the way.


(Now taking orders for bacon sarnies, and a stock of whiskey is on hand for burns night, who needs loggies when yuou have the black market?)

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Sorry Grenny but I'm not going to make it, I've had internet problems all week, two engineers haven't managed to fix it, I thought the second guy had but it's dropping again now with increasingly annoying frequency :mad3:

Have fun and I look forward to the AAR.

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