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"SKJALDBORG" FINLAND campaign mission2

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Good mission. Thanks for putting it together and special thanks to those who took up leadership roles.

@ KT:


Very good Tacbat! That should teach you for showing up 5 mins late for formation! :men_ani:

Thanks all for playing, it was a very good one, I am pretty pleased with everyone's performance!

Looking forward to the next one :)


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yes thanks to Katie and Grenny.

Shot of the day 3/C platoon from Tjay:




D u k e

:) This shot was taken as 3/c backed up into dead ground while in contact. The T90 in question turned side on to avoid the dead vehicle in front of it, and I took a snap shot while on the move. So let's say 'an element of luck' was involved.

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Sorry to have missed this one, but in return I did get three days of CAX activity in my other life! :clin:

Any word yet as to when the next session of the Finland campaign will be run?

I'll keep the 2 weeks rythm:

Next Mission is on 072100Zfeb15

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