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Dead Ulan Turret Issue?

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After some time trying to figure this out, I'm reaching out to the forum:

It seems that the Ulan turret goes dead periodically. After some time in a scenario, I'll jump between vehicles and find the turret to be dead. Both traverse and gun elevation are not responsive. Sights and ammo selects are still working. I'll check through the controls and nothing fixes it. I'll try to power down and power up the turret to no effect (using the power panel to the upper left of the gunner).

Last night, I had a company of 4 Ulans and after about 2-4 minutes time, three had stuck turrets, all at different azimuths and gun elevations. Periodically one would come active again, but I'm not sure what AI did to get it working again. There was no enemy contact or shots fired in that time.

I tried multiple scenarios and it doesn't seem to be dependent on the scenarios - just the Ulan model itself. I think it has happened a couple times when I was in control, but usually it seems that it happens when AI is in control.

I'm sure I'm missing something - has anyone else seen this?

FYI, this is 3.011, just now upgraded to 3.025 and will see if it persists.

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No sooner than I ask then I found the solution. The turret is disabled when the troops in back are unbuttoned. The lights change on the power panel when this happens, although I'm not sure if I can manually override the disabled turret when troops are unbuttoned.

Kind of a tactical limitation to lose the turret when you want more observation, but I guess it's better than squishing the unbuttoned troops.

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I'm not sure if I can manually override the disabled turret when troops are unbuttoned.

I seem to remember that there was a way, but I certainly no longer recall the exact procedure. In any case, if combat is imminent, order the troops to button up (Alt+B), or maybe dismount them right away.

As far as seeing this as a tactical limitation ... it may be true, but it applies to most IFVs actually, and often it's even worse to the extent that you can't even properly unbutton even if there is a hatch (Bradley), or that the option is there, but it's simply not being used in reality, or that the turret rotation is limited to the forward arc (CV90/35).

The only IFVs where this doesn't seem to be much of a concern are the oldest horses in the stable, BMP-1 and Marder. Not sure about the BMP-2, or the BTR series. Might work there too, but at least the BTR doesn't have a powered turret to begin with.

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All frecking "elf-'n'-safety" now :-(

With the rules of today, a vehicle like the Marder would never be approved.

Today you need safety circuits: Troops-hatch-open=> turret power down.

COMPLETE bollox, but try to argue with an "safety expert" about that ....argh....need my medication

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