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Åben Hede 2015

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On June 28th, the danish army invites to Åben Hede 2015.

It`s a fantastic event for us tank nuts.

Åben Hede 2014

PzBtl911(v) will be there with our families. We stay at the Stjerne Camping site in Vejers Strand from friday afternoon till monday morning. If you like beer and barbeque and some of our old military storys you are welcome.

On saturday we make our beach walk and maybe in the afternoon our soccer game and sunday our HQ is W@nkers Leo1.

Hey W@nker hope your Leo is ready, my son wants to take a ride.


D u k e

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Servus KAtie,

OK I now have schedule for that time period and I can attend :)

So see you guys at Åben hede!


sounds good, the only thing you need, is a sleeping bag.

We will have enough beer and meat. I think we have 4 guys there, which celebrated their 40s birthday this year and we have a pre 50s birthday.

We stay here:


We have cabins 9 to 13.

see you


D u k e

edit: Hey W@nker what about a soccer game between the dans and us in the late saturday afternoon?

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Servus guys,

back from denmark, what a show.

@ W@nker: it was fantastic.


Now I have to check 7400 pictures...

Shooting M10, M109, Leo1A5DK, Leo2A5Dk, CV9035DK, M109!, 120mm mortars,

Bushmaster 25mm, cal. 50, Carl Gustav, Centurion, M-41.

@ Kingtiger: nice to meet you dude, hope your skin color is now uniformly red:clin:


D u k e

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