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AS Desert, EU Mirade maps....excellent

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I just saw the AS Desert and AS EU Meride .ter maps and I just had to say, these are great looking maps! They include neatly placed roads and buildings, clever use of objects, and unique looking land marks. I really appreciate the attention to detail and artistic talent involved in their creation. I would strongly recommend these maps as excellent examples for others to follow.

Thank you to whoever made these height maps available and of course thank you to whoever created the nice terrain maps. They are truly worthy of being included in the stock collection of SB maps.

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Yes, they are really classics. I'm using the Desert one for some missions I've been working on. Will most likely use the European one as well. The guy who made them is named (I believe) Alpha Sierra, hence the AS in front of the maps names.

This community has some very talented map makers along with the scenario creators.

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There he is! :luxhello:

Thanks for letting me know these are fictional locations. I'm normally put off by imaginary locations because they lack immersion, but these two examples, although generic, are so fundamentally good I think I can have a lot of fun with them. Perhaps I can use the EU map to recreate Team Yankee scenarios and the Desert map Sword Point ones.

Thanks again.

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