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Your desert fox campaign is ready to play with 3.025?


D u k e

Hi Duke.

I have done some testing on the editor but seems the Desert Fox scenarios are way to old for 3.025, there are no vehicles on them just one Station wagon car :c:

The rest of the scenery seems Ok but we should have to add the vehicles again and do more testing with the scenery to make sure there are no more issues.

Would require some time to do so

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  • 2 weeks later...


and the first virtuell cookie goes to:

Gladiator, Erazor and Ronin (Grenny).

Ricopico get a half cookie


Thank you to Brun, Colbrooke and Dageel for joining in tonight.

In summary the other team got 935 points and Brun, Colebrook, Dageel and I got 850 points.

In 2 weeks I plan a COOP mission. It`s a Stryker Company in action.

If you want to play H2H no problem, make a suggestion.


D u k e

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here the orders for the Stryker company:

Running Saber (Stryker)

1) situation


3 days ago, red started their attack over the german- polish border. A couple of ours ago they arrived at the former german- german border, ca 15000 eastwards HÜNFELD.

Our satellite reconnaissance reported a MechInfDiv. This MechInfDiv is moving direction to BAD HERSFELD. It looks like their main effort is in direction HÜNFELD. We reconnaissed Tanks and IFV in brigade strength north of HÜNFELD. The rest of this MechInfDiv is marching to BAD HERSFELD.

South of HÜNFELD G2 reported wheeled vehicles in btn strenght. It looks like these guys marching south. G2 reported something about former NVA (east german army) soldiers. They are happy about the russian attack and planning some sabotage actions. We think the intention of the russian CDR is to attack and to establish a bridgehead westwards HÜNFELD. To protect their left flank with a limited attack to the south of HÜNFELD.


The 2nd Btn/5th Cavalry Regiment "LANCERS" (2-5 CAV) reached the area westwards and eastwards HOFBIEBER, and prepare for defense. 2-5 CAV is part of the 1st Armored Brigade Combat Team, 1st Cavalry Division (2-5 CAV, 1 ABCT, 1 CD)

B Co/2-5 CAV is situated in HOFBIEBER. Now they are busy with resuppling.

A Co/2-5 CAV is situated left of B-coy

C Co/2-5 CAV is situated right of B-coy.

G Co/2-5 CAV is Btn reserve.

The XO of B Co/2-5 CAV, 1st plt (4 x M2A2(ODS) and a section M1A2(SEP) will move out shorty and take bp 1000 north of FLOT to over watch the open area to the north.

We are the E Company/2nd Squadron/2nd Stryker Cavalry Regiment (E Co, 2-2 SCR) are detached to 2-5 CAV and are situated 1000 east of HOFBIEBER and prepare for recon or attack action.

We are waiting for new orders.

Our XO and 1 plt detached to B Co/2nd Btn/5th Cav Rgt and secure resuppling of this company along FLOT.

PzBtl911(v) reinforced with PzJgKp910 (tank hunter company 910) is situated 3000 westwards of HÜNFELD ready for defensive operations.

An armored engineer plt of PzPiKp910 (armored engineers company 910) is marching to the northern part of HOFBIEBER to support the US forces in this area. Shortly they will get their new orders.

Our artillery (Alpha Battery, 1st Battalion, 82nd Field Artillery Regiment; A Bttry, 1-82 FAR) is still on the march to their firing positions direction LANGENBIEBER. They need 70-90 minutes to be combat ready and to support us.

The B Company, 1st Battalion, 227th Aviation Regiment (B Co. 1-227 AR) "REAPER" is in response for air support in our area.

A Co, 115th BSB (Brigade Support Battalion) is still resuppling B Co 2-5 CAV.

c)roaster E Co 2-2 SCR:

OC (E66) - M1130 Stryker CV (Piranha IIIC)

2 plt (E21) - 4x M1126 Stryker ICV (Piranha IIIC)

3 plt (E31) - 4x M1126 Stryker ICV (Piranha IIIC)

2 mortar vehicles (E52 and E54) - M1129 Stryker MC (Piranha IIIC - with mortar Inf and without RWS)

K11 (1 plt K- Troop) - 3x M1128 Stryker MGS (Centauro)

1 MEDIC (MED E) - M1133 Stryker MEV (ALSAV A)

2 supply trucks (E1 and E2) - M977 HEMMT, supply


B Co 2-5 CAV:

-send a platoon immediatly north of FLOT to over watch attack of Eagle Co

-resupply to 100%

-x+30 send a platoon of M2s to SILGES and over watch left flank

-x+30 send a platoon of M1s to MORLES to support EAGLE Co

-support EAGLE Co with ARV on request

E Co 2-2 SCR:

-x+3 march on L3174, L3258 to a new assembly area SOUTH of FLOT, stay hidden, wait for orders


-prepare to delay enemy forces back to FLOT

-over watch along L3258 to the north, between SCHWEIZER FORST and HILL 556

-over watch between HILL 556 and HILL 519 and 575

-cover german combat engineers

-take over minefield documentations and over watch minefield

-if enemy pressure is to strong fall back fighting to FLOT

-if you reach FLOT march to BIEBERSTEIN (6046 0255) and resupply to 100%

PzPiKp910 (engineers):

-march as fast as you can along L3258 to FLOT

-follow EAGLE Co

-lay a minefield north of MITTLELASCHENBACH, between SCHWEIZER FORST and HILL 556 to block the L3258

-hand over the minefield documentation to Eagle Co and fall back to HOFBIEBER and wait for new orders

B Co 1-227 AR

-send 2 Apaches south of RÖDERGRUND

-prepare to support EAGLE Co on request

A Bttry 1-82 FAR

-march as fast as you can to your firing position LANGENBIEBER

-support EAGLE Co on request

115th BSB

-resupply B Co 2-5 CAV

-prepare to resupply EAGLE Co in BIEBERSTEIN (6046 0255)


It`s your part E66.

4)combat support, detachments, attachments


1 Mortar Section (2 Mortars / firing distance up to 5500m)

ALPHA Bttry 1-82 FAR still on march, will report if they are in position.

b)Air support:

2 AH-64 via Trigger (after activation they are under your control) "REAPER"


-ammo, fuel 100%

-your Company Headquarter Section has 2x HEMMT, supply (E1 and E2)


-1 ARV (A99) (call via Trigger) -> Note: It`s available 15 minutes after mission start.


-1 plt (K11) - M1128 Stryker MGS


-XO - M1126 Stryker ICV (Piranha IIIC)

-1plt (E11) - M1126 Stryker ICV (Piranha IIIC)

5)leading elements






We (B Co, 2-2 SCR) - EAGLE


B Co, 1-227 AR - REAPER



It`s slightly cloudy and the visibility is up to 3500m.

7)time approach: max. 140min

Mission can be finished earlier via Trigger "ENDE"!


- The engineer platoon will move independently to the north, if your Stryker Company pass FLOT. He will follow you in distance 1000-2000m.

- Mortar Squad will not fire out of the woods!

Made by



VOWOPANZ -Running Saber COOP_3.025.rar

Edited by D u k e
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Hi Duke. I would love to attend.

However I will be on standby duty and that means I would be able to attend if no mission comes up on the job.

I would love to take a Centauro. I will ask the other guys of the Spanish Tizona to see if they are avalaible. Keep you posted. :cool3:

Edited by Furia
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I'm not sure if I can attend, but i prefer Hth, there are a lot of coop missisons but very few Hth,anyways it is always better to fight a real opponent than against preset IA.

no problem, but make a suggestion please and think about last time we were 8 players.


D u k e

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Sorry I missed the last one. My life was lagging behind the calendar by about two days at the time! Will try hard to make to make the next. And, for what it's worth, my preference is for scripted co-ops.

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Ok, next VOWOPANZ we play the Running Saber COOP mission. So who wants to lead the Eagle Co?

After this (2 weeks later) we play a company size H2H. I have to look in my database.

We have a lot of very old H2H missions (first Beta). The challenge is to

rework these missions to 3.025 in time.

I try to rework this:



D u k e

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Servus DUKE.

Initially we will be at least 2 guys from the 3 reg Tizona and probably we will be 4 finally but the other 2 cannot confirm it 100% yet.

We would love to handle the Centauro Platoon :cool3:

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