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Crew to abandon tank / empty AFV?

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Is there a way to order tank's crew to leave their vehicle during mission?

It would really come handy in certain "desperate operational-value ambushes" I'd like to have in one of my scenarios since the way it is now, the crew has no chance but to fatalistically await their death (the tank itself cannot move out due to terrain conditions and LOS, while dismounted soldiers could).

Also, it would come in handy to position un-crewed AFVs (eg. old "permanent materiel reserve" T-55s) as kind of "heavy roadblocks" within urban areas; is there a way to achieve this without "killing" the tank alongside with it's crew?

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Well you could create an event to inflict







And have a unit of infantry spawn next to it.

But it would only work once (as below) and you need know where the vehicle is to do this.

However to remove the infantry from the play area you need to "Detonate combatant if..." which gets messy.

So as a scripted event, yes it is possible to simulate the abandonment of a vehicle. But in a very controlled fashion.

If you want a roadblock, remember to disable the engine too.

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Okay, thanks.

Just to be sure -- so, as for saving the lives of the "emergency containment" ambushing tank, it's impossible so far, right?

Uh, can you rephrase that please?

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I think (based on his follow up wish list post) he means the one shot desperate ambush, where he thinks a technologically under matched vehicle will fire a round at the enemy and then the crew will bail out and escape before the enemy can return fire.

Czech doctrine maybe.

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