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New player here! Connecting over the internet guide??

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Hello all!

I am a totally new player with SB Pro PE. Although I've used the Pro version for quite some time now, I have no experience whatsoever as far as connecting with another PC is concerned, over the internet, in multiplayer mode and I don't seem to be able to figure it out! :c: Is there any step-by-step guide? It would be really helpful if it referred to Windows 7/8.1 based configurations.

Thank you!!

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Get team-speak installed and ask people who are online there. People here will gladly help you. Someone has to open a game and tell you the ip.

Best way is learning by doing ;-)

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For anybody else searching this the process is pretty simple.

1. Install Teamspeak so you can communicate with others. This also implies that you have a headset and microphone so you can communicate with others during the session.

2. Find out when a session is being held (usually advertised here in the "Multiplayer Games / Engagements" section or look in the Calendar).

3. Using Teamspeak (Steel Beasts Teamspeak server IP listed on the Home page here) find out the IP of the machine acting as the server for the session.

4. Ensure, you have the same version of the software and using the right build (64 Bit or 32 Bit) - 64 Bit is rapidly becoming the "norm".

5. Start the Steel Beasts application.

6. Select "Network Session".

7. Type the server's IP address in the box labelled "Host's IP address".

8. Click on "Go" to join the session.

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