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Hello everyone. I’ve owned Steel Beast Pro PE for 4 or 5 years maybe more. I really didn’t play it too much. When I did occasionally fire it up I used it as a modern day version of the arcade classic Battlezone and spent all of my time just blasting things.

I’ve probably owned most of the tank sims made going back to the 80’s. M1Tank Platoon and M1 Tank Platoon2, Across the Rhine, Panzer Elite, iMiM1A2 Abrams. I still think I have a few old ones like T-34 vs. Tiger sitting around.

I heard about Steel Beasts when it came out and was tempted to buy, but didn’t due to the price. When I did get around to buying it I didn’t really play it. Go figure. I was probably totally immersed in Medieval Total War or playing War in the Pacific PBEM which was taking up all my gaming time.

I’ve spent most of my time in the past year or so playing the Combat Mission games h2h-Normandy, Italy and Eastern Front. When I started playing the latest release Black Sea which focused on the modern stuff. That got me interested in Steel Beasts again.

So I upgraded to ver. 3.0 and started playing the tutorials and actually learning what Steel Beasts is all about. I’m impressed and hooked.

I’m still learning. When I tried out the T-72 I was wondering what was wrong when I pressed the trigger and nothing happened. It took me a while to figure out hey I had to press the freaking key to tell the autoloader to load a round…duh!

Eventually I may try out the online stuff, but for now I’m still learning how to crawl. I know online is probably where the real fun is. I tell everyone who plays Combat Mission that h2h against another human is far better that playing against the AI and I’m sure SB is no different.

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When you say “3.0” I guess you mean “3.025”?

In terms of how to progress, completing the Tutorials is a great way to go. Ideally do every tutorial on a given vehicle rather than doing one or two on a vehicle and then jumping to another vehicle.

There’s also a set of guides I wrote on some specialist vehicles which now comes with the game (look for "Specialist Tutorial.pdf" in the "docs" folder).

A 3.025 compliant version can be found here:


I'd also suggest downloading GaryOwen's Camp Hornfelt training missions:


These seven missions are M1 centric but give you an understanding of a range of tactical concepts and skills that can be used with any vehicle.

Lastly when you are feeling up to it, I'd recommend Toyguy's series of 11 YouTube videos on scenario creation:

Then as you say, its good to join in the various multi player activities and start the real learning/enjoyment.

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Eager to see more faces participating in TGIF, Dogs of War Saturdays, TANKS Sundays and more. Playing solo is fine, but more interesting with more active players.

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Thanks veryone...I actually do have ver.3.025. I'm running on an older AMD Phenom II 4X 955 system with 8 gigs of RAM and a Nvidia GTX 760 and the games runs very smoothly.

I have a good high speed internet connection-I'm one of the cable cutters who ditched my cable company and migrated to NETFLIX and pretty much live and die online.

I already downloaded the GaryOwen's Camp Hornfelt training missions so I'll have to try them out.I also downloaded a bunch of the single player missions and training stuff and use YouTube as a training venue for all of the games I play.

At this point I would be more of a liability on online play than an asset, so it will probably be a while before I venture into that.

Too bad WW2 armored warfare isn't simulated. This would be a great engine for that!

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Nobody is liability. Esp.in multiplayer, showing the "new guy" how things are done is a good part of the fun.

And we ALL are alway learning :-)

You'll find our online community very welcomming and eager to help. Just jump in!!!

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