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Questions about t72 commanders sight elevation


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So... I did some testing with t72 night sights just out of curiosity and noticed this... I don't know if this is correct or not but it looks very weird to me.

I took plenty of screenshots and repeated this couple of times, with both t72 versions in game. I'm running on latest aka version 3.025.

On this image you can see gunners sights from commanders one. Nothing weird on this... but follow down


sight just keeps going down.


It begins to look like turret roof already... but still


like.. seriously?


Then again, elevation up, doesn't seem to be like nothing at all...

This picture is with max elevation to up. Well... I knew it has poor upwards elevation but still... makes me wonder this.


And... its same with daysight. Exatly same. Sight goes so deep down that more than half of screen goes white. regardles of direction where youre looking at.


So... is this.... how it should be?

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Yes, at minimum elevation I see only the turret roof.

But for me it is green, not white as in your day-sight picture. Don't know how you get that one.(??)

Same for the NVG. Elevation down, only turret roof in your view.

Looks like that is intented that way in steelbeasts.

If it is like this in real live, only someone with T-72 experience can answer.

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Yes, the top two pictures are you looking at the outside of your turret roof, and things on the top (like GPS housing, etc). The resolution of that sight is realistically very poor.

Of course we cannot get it exactly like the real one, but using a scientific process we call "crapify," we tried to get it close. ;)

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And it fit well for the M-60.

Only the stadia line from 2800 upwards seem a bit to wide.

See attached *.jpg

The left tgt is at 2000m, that one fits the stadia line perfectly.

The Target at 3200m is a bit too "small" for the 3200m stadia line



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Don't know if the stadia lines are intented to be center-mass-to-top, hull-bottom-to-top or tracks-to-top??

All "stadia's" I've ever used where tracks-to-top(eg. PzFst-3 sights).

In that case they seem Ok, then again the T-62's stadias would be wrong in comparison.

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I was using it as tracks-to-top. On both sight examples I'm matching up the 3000 meter spot on the stadia with the tank at 3000 meters. On the T-62 the bottom of the tracks is resting on the bottom line and the top of the turret (excluding the commander's cupola) is on the top line. With the TKN-3 sight lined up on 3000 meters, the top of the tank doesn't come anywhere near the top mark.

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Its white since winter time. On map that I use as my practice range / testing ground there was not wide open areas so I used frozen winter to have such area for testing.

And I see it now. That white / Green area is commanders cupolas ring chasing under sight. But it still doesn't make sense to me why it doesn't have, hardly any upwards elevation and instead I see commanders cupolas ring so much. It's difficult to believe that it would truly have been done like that. Could someone who actually has T-72m1 experience confirm this?

Thank you all for you answer's and patience.

And uh, one more thing. Am I right that commander has it's on little IR searchlight on cupola that he uses? And Gunner has another even smaller next to GPS sight? And, isn't that searchlight next the main gun yet another and even larger searchlight possibly IR? if IR... could using that improve vision during night? At the moment it is really awful, only 250 meters and 300 at max. It's yet another thing that is hard to believe to really be that bad. Could someone confirm this too?

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As far as I know the IR spot light isn't simulated at all, which is why the IR sight is so terrible.

As far as the stadia for the commanders sight goes, it looks the version in the sim was based off the rather crude drawing in this manual:



A much better drawing is found here: http://www.steelbeasts.com/Downloads/p13_sectionid/320/p13_fileid/1964


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As far as I know the IR spot light isn't simulated at all, which is why the IR sight is so terrible.

And besides: an IR searchlight is a really dumb idea if the enemy has NVG/TIS too.

Never the less, It'd be realy cool if SB had multiple lightsources, be it VIS or IR.

But I guess thtas not ar up *the List* :-(

I agree, on the Crd scope, the tank target fits good at short and medium distances.

At 3000 it looks 2 mil to short (see my screenshot)

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