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Long Night of Tanks 2015 (031800Zoct15)


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Btw: anyone wants to command mission 4?

It will be "only" company sized.

We have high OPSEC req. , So I can send out advanced info via PM only ;-)

Anyway: Wo wants to lead hat one...PM to Duke about staffing, and I'll send a PM about the mission...

Got a message from 12 Alfa today. He will be our CDR in Mission 3 and 4.

Thank you again


D u k e

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Hi guys,

here an explantation for the tactical numbers.

A MechInfDivision of the east german army had:

1. MSR (Motor Rifle Regiment) BMP

2. MSR -> SPW 70 -BTR80

3. MSR -> SPW 70 -BTR80

4. PR -> (Tank Regiment)

5. AR -> (Artillery Regiment)

6. FlaR -> AAA Regiment

The tactical number of our PR20 is 4000.

4 stands for the 4th Regiment in the Division.

4100 means CDR 1st Btn of the Tank Regiment

4110 first tank company

4130 second tank company

4150 third tank company

4210 fourth tank company (2nd Btn -> Btn CDR 4200)

4230 fivth tank company

4250 sixth tank company

4310 seventh tank company ( 3rd Btn -> Btn CDR 4300)

4330 eighth tank company

4350 ninth tank company

the vehicles in the company have numbers 1 to 9.

1, 4 and 7 are platoon leaders

so for first tank company:

4110 company cdr

4111, 4112, 4113 -> 1st platoon

4114, 4115, 4116 -> 2nd platoon

4117, 4118, 4119 -> 3rd platoon

A Tank Regiment had also 1 MechInf Coy.

The tactical number of the company cdr was 4500

1st platoon -> 4510, 4511, 4512

2nd platon -> 4520, 4521, 4522

3rd platoon -> 4530, 4531, 4532

I hope it helps a little bit.

If there are questions I try to answer.

After LNOT I will create some callsign templates.



D u k e

I get a nosebleed :bigsmile:

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