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Battledog is gone


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Ground Zero, it describes how I feel, as I had to let Bear, Battledog, our German Shepherd, go today, due to the rapid, spreading, Cancer throughout his great body, and the continued blood loss out his nose, and within. I had no idea today would be it, as he was so strong, pulling me into the Vets office, but I got the dreaded phone call that he had less than 2 weeks, if that, before the effects would turn his strength into mush, and his glow in his eyes to sadness, that I have seen 6 other times with the other German Shepherds of my/our lives and decided, while he was still under, to continue his sleep..

Gonna be a while before I can get past this, I'm a wreck, so is the wife, but I think of all the great times, and SB battles, that he laid right next to me here, at the PC, with his head next to the Boom Box, most every battle.

Life sucks, I think I'm in some kind of train wreck..


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Ya know you scared me for awhile as I thought that Battledog was a member of this forum. Pheew

I know how you feel though as I've lost two of my dogs(one due to old age). But believe me the hardest moments are over. It's very hard to see one you love(dogs included) dying. It's better that he has gone rather than enduring more pains/sufferings. I believe every living things maybe except plants have soul:biggrin:.

When the sadness is gone, get yourself a new dog. My suggestion is to try to get a Siberian Husky. Though not as big as a German shepherd but it looks wolfy in a cute way:). Or get two instead.

Keep well friend, don't be too hard on yourself.

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Its sad to hear about BD LS.... it really is... reminds me of when we had to give Jacko (our labrador) the final injection...

Its like loosing a family member and your best friend at the same time, and sometimes I still wakes up crying, been dreaming of Jacko (yeah im 24, belive it or not and its 5years ago now).

So I cant say you will ever get over it, but only thing I can say is that Battledog is having it betther now then he have been doing lately :(

Its the only point of view you can have right now :(

Im so sorry LS :(


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My condolences. A good and loyal dog, can really be a ray of happiness, every day. Unfortunately we have to go through a few really tough days, such as you are, when we have to let them go.

Our family Boxer, Hagler, is 7 years old, and I dread the day he leaves us. Pain and hurt is part of life, without it we would not know what true happiness and joy are.

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  • 4 months later...

I can recall my life's worst moments.

Mom dying.

My painful seperation from my wife and near divorce.

Sitting alone in my hole of a "seperation" apartment... where I had nothing at all.

All those times coincided with one another... one feeding off the other. It was a horrible predicament... I was truly in the worst place of my life.

I had a complete and total melt down at the time. The term 'sanity' could only marginally be applied to what I was then.

As anybody who see's this post (and knows me) can attest to... for a long period of time I become a whole 'nother person. And it was NOT pretty.

During that time I had very few friends. I had none (zero, zip, NONE) that were willing to help me and want basically nothing in return.

And then came Lonestar.

At the time Lonestar was a standing member of The_Gunn, and had been for about 6 monthes... a good all around guy, in good standing with the group. But honestly I didn't know him.

And then some really nasty, bad things, began happening in my life.

Don't get me wrong... I was getting moral support from my whole group, Juan and Sean most notable other than Lonestar. But Lonestar was, essentially, my saving grace.

Through long, mean, small hours of the night... when I was very very weak, Lonestar was there via a phone call.

Hours long he'd talk to me.

We talked about four things:

Battledog (bear)


His personal life

My personal life

Those things aren't exactly in order... but BattleDog is on top for a reason.

Gary loved that dog. Like a child Lonestar loved him.

Much time was spent discussing Bear's general disposition, his good side and his bad side. One thing I can tell you for certain... Battledog was capable of extreme's in all aspects of emotions. And never was he faithless to his owner. That's not a good animal. Not even a good pet. That's family, adopted as any human could ever be.

You cannot define the worth of such relationships... you can only approximate their general parameters (usually with hand gestures) and then say something like "You know what I mean?"

Battledog was (hands spread apart to arms maximum span) in nearly every area.

Through those mean hard nights, I enjoyed learning of his exploits. My mind, at that time, was in California, visiting with Gary, Sheri, and Battledog (the dog, by the way, I was very much afraid of even 2400 miles away) in a distraction that was very much needed.

Translated through the neutral medium of talk about a much beloved member of his family, Lonestar gave to me the most sincere and fundamentally unadulterated act of compassion I have ever recieved in my 36 years of life.

I will never forget this.

So... to honor Lonestar, a man I still attempt to emulate in regards to compassion...

I honor Battledog who, honestly, I felt I knew.


I know your loss occured in August of last year. I also know you are still feeling the effects of his passing.

Remember one thing...

The white horse lived before he was seen with the man and the bow.

Right there, right now, is Bear the Battledog.

My sincerest condolences.

GsMcAmis (here in spirit if not much else)

...God's love to you and Sheri...

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LS ... my belated condolences.

I know how it feels to say goodbye to them .... I held my dog as she passed.

I hope things are looking up .. that the fond memories are overcoming the sadness. Eventually the pain gives way to the memories of good times.



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