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War Stories: Liberty Road - a WW2 tactical companylevel boardgame


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I'm discovering the joys of boardgaming, beyond the Risks & Monopolies.

One title attracted my attention:

* War Stories: Liberty Road. Plays in 1944, Western Front

* There is also a sister game. War Stories: Red Storm -> Eastern Front, 1942/3

It's a company-level game, relies heavily on Fog of War (a bit less common in boardgames ?) -> exciting.

2 players, takes only 1 hr, if you're familiar with the rules.

What's the attraction of it:

* Simply looks good !

* Much less complex than other wargames -> possible for (determined) beginners

* Requires the use of tactics ! Designers did the necessary research !

* Modular board -> plenty of terrain-combinations possible.

* Clearly a labour of love, and it shows (1/2 man team develops, just like early SB ...)

Compared to SB:

* WS requires more of your imagination (which is actually not a bad thing)

* WS is like multiplayer, but with a human opponent in front of you, possibly IN A PUB !

A review:


I'm really enjoying it.

Any other boardgames that one could recommend ?



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Check out some of the games by HPS www.hpssims.com They have been around for quite some time.

I haven't played a board game in over 30 years, but I have kept my collection of Avalon Hill games. The company closed up 20+ years ago, but if you can find one of their games with all the pieces, charts, etc. It might be worth buying if the price isn't too high.

A few of the better known AH games were Panzerblitz, Panzer Leader, Kriegspiel, The Rise and Decline of the Third Reich grand strategy game, Tactics II, France 1940, Tobruk, Arab-Israeli Wars, Advanced Squad Leader series games, etc.

There is a good list of many of these on Amazon.com.

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