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3.025 - Periscope daysights indestructable

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Daysight periscopes appear to be invulnerable to damage. After some testing, here's the results I got with various vehicles:

Leo 2A5 variants: CMDR's TIS damage, but daysight still works

CR2: No damage with 30 AP, HE, or coax

Centauro: CMDR's TIS damage, daysight works, GPS extenion doesn't

Leo 2A4: No damage

Leo 1A5: No damage

T-72M1: CMDR's TIS and Searchlight damage, daysight still works

BRDM-2: Same as T-72

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Are you serious? AFAIK T-72M1 has no commander's TIS, it has not even TIS for gunner. Just image intensification night sights.

I know, we know. - I think that when it says "TIS" on any tanks damage modeling in steelbeast it means what ever night vision system tank has. In case of T-72 apparently commanders infrared sight or so.

And that is weird indeed in your photo. Should it affect like that in real life. Does commanders peri damage affect to GPS extension?

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Yes, seems the Damage for the Daysight has been forgotten.

Hitting the peri on a Leo2A5 (25mm, or 12,7) damages the Commanders TIM, the day-channel is still there.

Should be different as they are in the same "box"...

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Well, this bug #331 is known since 2006 but has slipped a bit from our sight since then, so it was useful to report it here. I think we now have a better understanding what needs to be done.

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It is relates with this issue. Notice that when i got hit in peri day channel was working good. So this issue is about indestructable peri's day channel and in my case it was one issue.

Second issue is thermal extension damage that should not be there cause thermal extension is related with gunner's sight, not commander's peri cause in Centauro there is no separate thermal for commander. Its not Leo 2a5.

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