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Allow AI units to move


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Is there a way to allow enemy units to move on there own without waypoint's or move within a set area? I have yet to see the AI move on there own when they come under fire they just sit there and get killed.


They need to have at least a tactic and a route attached to their BP.

Otherwise, how should they know what to do and where to go?

Try: Give the unit a "secure" tactic, and attach a retreat route to that BP...at the end of the retreat route add an engage-route to an alternative BP.

Effect: as soon as the units comes under fire, they will move to the alternative postion.

When you do exactly the same, just with a "defend" tactic instead of "secure" at the 1st BP, they will move out after sustaining losses...

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...And by "secure" he means "guard" tactic. :)

Thanks. Typical case of "lost in translation". The german word is "sichern" which just sounds similar to secure ;-)

With "guard", my mind jumps at the 1st translation: "bewachen" = put a fence around and have someone check ID cards.

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