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Canadian Lynx CRV

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Hi Guys

A couple of questions on the Canadian Lynx CRV (http://www.militaryfactory.com/armor/detail.asp?armor_id=772) for serving or former members of the Canadian Army who may remember (Tango29 or 12Alfa spring to mind):

  1. I understand the 12.7 mm HMG could be operated under armour. What type of sight did it have? Was there any magnification available or was it fixed, e.g. 1x?
  2. Did the observer/radio operator ever dismount or did they generally remain in the vehicle? If they dismounted did they ever carry an anti-armour weapon such as M72?

Thanks in advance. This will help me think about how best to represent the Lynx CRV in Steel Beasts for a 4CMBG scenario I'm contemplating.


P.S. I'd love it if eSim could include a crewable Lynx CRV in the sim one day ;)


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What makes you think we are that old? LOL

The sighting ,if my memory is still holding up , there were sights on top of the mount, there were sights on the bottom of the mount. In theory the 50 cal was sighted hatches down from the bottom sights, and when in the open mode we used the top sight.

There was a switch box besides/front of the C/C position for either single/auto that the commander could use. Normal procedure I recall was to sight the wpn for 1500, mark the setting (tape/grease marker?) and fire a single round as a ranging shot, then adjust onto target when needed.

In Germany we had NOD's attached to the right of the mount.

The 3rd crew-member was the dismount for the ground work/recce tasks when needed. Fun to drive and command.

Hope this helps and Tango can fill in any thing I may have left out due to memory loss.:men_ani:

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Thanks 12Alfa, that's helpful. It's difficult to find a close proxy for the Lynx but I'm currently experimenting with the M113AS4 with TI disabled (same ancestor, two extra roadwheels, enclosed turret with single 12.7 mm HMG) and a single dismount with M72 to represent the dismounted observer/radio operator.

Not perfect but workable.

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