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04jul15, VOWOPANZ reloaded

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I had a comfortable position during 19jun15's game, not much to do, and therefor able to capture the mission on my HD and watch what the players did.

I've seen many good decisions, but also a few things that could be improved.


-use of recon

-assesment of the situation

In good old army tradition, if an exercise was not perfect...redo till it is :-)

I therefore invite everybody, and esp. those who where present at the evening to drop in on 041900Zjul15 and do a replay of the scenario.

This time with training in mind and frequent use of the pause/resume function.

(server and TS at the usual VOWOPANZ coordinates)

See you there...

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I feel what we should have done was keep the LMVs and the Centauros paired up.

LMV advances, Centauro covers, Centauro moves up, rinse, repeat.

What actually happened:

We concentrated the Centauros together the enemy spotted them and then proceeded to slap them around with T-55s.

This was followed by the Boxer's driving right up to the crest line (instead of stopping 20-50m short), and the Spike teams were ripped apart as they dismounted.

That took all of our long range punch, which in turn prompted a "RUNAWAY!" action.

So yeah, lessons need learning.

I shall endeavor to be there traffic depending.

Might be a bit late though.

2hr 45min drive home.

30 mins wiggle room to 1900Z

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sorry, forgot it.


D u k e

Nun ja, wir haben in kleiner Lerngruppe gearbeitet.

Ich konnte auf jeden Fall meine eigenen Fehler vom 19 Juni ansprechen :-)

Warum bist du nicht nachgekommen?

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