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Scoring/time question


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I want to create a region capture score where the points are awarded if the region is captured less than 45 minutes after the mission begins. The scoring dialog says "Baseline <is true> <before> xxxx : yy"

The mission starts at 1200:00.

Is "xxxx" the hour and minute, and "yy" the seconds, based on the clock time? E.g., 1245:00. Or is xx the number of minutes elapsed since mission-start? E.g., 45:00.

Or something else?-

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Shouldn't you be using "region" in scoring instead of "event" in scoring to achieve what you wrote?


The region scoring feature allows you to award points if the region is captured before the specified time. I just do;t know how to interpret the two time fields.

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There's a baseline for capturing a region within a certain time limit - say, minute 60. You capture it as the mission clock ticks at 0:59:59, and you get the 150 points or whatever is assigned to that.

Now, ich you advance faster, the mission designer might give you a bonus. Let's say 10 points per minute for a maximum of 100 extra points; that means whenever you manage to capture the region no later than 0:50:00 you get 150 + 100 = 250 points. If you don't set a limit, 0:00:00 would obviously be the earliest point to capture the region (even though that's probably impossible unless the mission designer hasn't really understood that "capture" requires the object to NOT be in one's possession first). With 10 extra points per minute under 60, that's 600 bonus points with which SB Pro would calculate as the target for the "100% of all possible points" in the score formula, by which the verdict is calculated whether it was a major victory or a defeat.

Let's say that 50 minutes into the mission really is the earliest point possible given your equipment, the terrain, and the distance. Then there's nothing you could possibly do to prevent "losing" 500 bonus points even if you did everything right. IOW, not very fair, because you get 250 points out of a calculated maximum of 750 points, 33%, a defeat - when you in fact did everything possible and made absolutely no mistake. So you MUST set a limit for the bonus, ideally a realistic one.

The same applies for penalties for being late, which should apply only if there actually is a negative tactical or operational consequence of being late (like, a certain counterattack cannot be launched or will fail because the player didn't seize supporting key terrain to secure the flanks).

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