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M2A3 Bradley with BUSK III


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Very nice work, Sir. Where can one get the kit? I fancy a break from radio-controlled aeroplanes. Wait. Disregard; I've found the UK distributor.

Pray tell sir?

I always find it a little fascinating how the the space in front of the TC is open to the elements....

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Looks like a competition level build to me.

Excellent work sir.

Yes sir, this IFV and his twin brother will go to a contest in March 2016.

If you want to see more pictures of work with the twin they can do it on this link (sorry is in spanish)

Si señor, este IFV y su hermano gemelo iran a un concurso en marzo del 2016.

Si quieren ver mas imagenes del trabajo con el hermano gemelo lo pueden hacer en este enlace

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Well, this is the last batch of photos before presenting the two models in society Leganés contest.

There are still some small details to be completed, for example, water boxes, boxes of rations of foresight, or soda boxes inside the vehicle.

Bueno, pues esta es la ultima tanda de fotos antes de presentar las dos maquetas en sociedad en el concurso de leganes.

Aun faltan algunos pequeños detalles por completar, como por ejemplo, las cajas de agua, las cajas de las raciones de previsión, o, las cajas de refrescos que le quiero meter en el interior del vehiuclo.







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