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Can't detect internet sessions after inputing IP address

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Although I've owned steel beasts for a few months now this is my first post here.

Last friday I tried for the first time to join a TIGF multiplayer session. I had downloaded teamspeak and got the IP and everything but when I entered it in my game, no session to join appeared at all. I was thus unable to join the game. I haave a 3.025 pro PE version (x64) so that wasn't the problem.

I currently reside in a rural area in Thailand and don't have a broadband connection at my house. Instead I'm using mobile hotspot from a cellular phone with a download and upload speed of about 0.35Mbps (according to speedtest.net) and ping of 50ms, the connection is about fast enough to view youtube video in a low res.

I let my wife's nephew play comand and conquer 3 online to test if the setup worked at all for internet multiplayer games and it worked so it doesn't seem totally impossible to play online games wit this setup. I'm guessing the problem might be port forwarding as talked about in this thread:


Alas the instrucions for port forwarding given don't seem to cover the (probably unsual) case of using a samsung mobile phone as a router.

So here are my questions:

1) Is it at all possible to play steel beasts online using mobile phone as a router?

2) Are the internet speeds mentioned good enough or to slow?

3) Does anybody have clue why I couldn't seem to detect the TIGF session and how to fix that?

Any help is appreciated.

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Sorry "I'm afraid I don't know" to all three.

But if you are around at say 6pm your time tonight (Tuesday), I think 9pm my local time, we can meet in TeamSpeak and try to work through it.

The "port forwarding" post is now redundant since you no longer have to set up port forwarding to join a session (only to host one). :)

Please post here beforehand if you can't make it. :)

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3) Does anybody have clue why I couldn't seem to detect the TIGF session and how to fix that?

You can try checking your firewall software to see if you need to create an exception allowing the SB executable to connect to outside networks. The (64-bit) executable is usually here: C:\Program Files (x86)\eSim Games\SB Pro PE\Release\SBProPE64cm.exe. (Note that this .exe is for the Codemeter dongle version of SB, not the time-license version.)

Also, note that your ping time will be significantly higher if you're connecting to SB servers located in Europe or the Western Hemisphere. Not too high to make online play impractical, but with the addition of your down/upload speeds, it may well be unplayable. But your best bet would be to try a server in Southeast Asia (assuming there are any).:icon_frown:

I wish you good luck!:)

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Thanks, it's nice of you to offer. I will log on to teamspeak at 6pm Thai time today, hopefully we can find what's wrong.


thanks for the advice, I guess closest SB hosts to me are in Australia. I'm using a time licensed for the time being so I guess it can't be the problem you mentioned, I had also deactivated my firewalls.

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Great, will see you tonight. :)

You never know if we can get it working we may need to think about a Thai branch of BG ANZAC (if you can join at 4pm on Thursdays your time or we pick you up a little later).

The new versions also allow you to join a mission in progress so you don't have to be there at the start (it helps of course in terms of knowing what is going on, etc.).

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As it turns out we both happened upon each other in TS a bit earlier than planned.

He could ping my IP and join a session. :)

However I suspect joining a session further away (e.g. TGIF or LNoT) maybe problematic.

He intends to join us on Thursday night at BG ANZAC and that might be a better practical test.

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Yes, Gibsonm was very helpful, I appreciate it.

For some reason, things seemed to work pretty straightforwardly this time around.

I hope it will be the same on Thursday.

I'll let people know how I fare in case someone else happens to have a similar internet setup as I currently do.

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I tried the setup last Friday with TIGF and the game seemed perfectly playable. I did have a few slowdown from time to time (at which point I would just go back to the map view).

So all and all, while not optimal, it seems perfectly possible to play SteelBeasts multiplayer sessions over the internet using a cell's phone mobile hotspot as router.

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