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Steel Beasts Development News

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  • Updated the electronic user manual PDF
  • Adjusted the Stay position tactic so that units will not reposition to maintain the formation if a vehicle of the same platoon is being killed
  • Adjusted the BUSHMASTER's ready ammo loadout
  • Adjusted the gun sound of the 1.2t TECHNICAL-T "106mm RR"
  • Fixed the ammunition assignment of the 1.2t TECHNICAL-T "HMG"
  • Fixed the ammunition assignment of the BMD-2
  • Animated the troop door of the BMD-2 now
  • Adjusted the LEOPARD AS1's ready ammo loadout to include one round of WP and HESH each
  • Adjusted the strength of artillery barrage and air strikes
  • In the AAR, the status message "Destroyed" will no longer be shown red if the vehicle was dead already
  • All troops' unit descriptions in the lower left status bar of the map screen will now describe correctly whether they are a heavy weapons team of a general rifle squad
  • Increased the sensing distance of units under indirect fire to 50m
  • Infantry behaves now with more self-preservation on Engage routes; if under direct fire they go prone and attempt to fire back to suppress the attacker. This also addresses bug #1129
  • Infantry will now find cover in any terrain, depending on the Bumpiness value of the applied terrain theme for each given terrain type. With bumpiness "0" – the default for old scenarios – dismounted soldiers won't have cover. At 100% bumpiness they will disappear. The controlling player of a dismounted squad will still see them somewhat elevated to make it easier to see the location of his own soldiers. This also addresses bug #1289
  • Replaced the old September 2000 artwork of the BMD-2
  • Dismounted infantry on the move will assume prone positions faster now when coming under fire, and be more reluctant to move out again
  • Adjusted the treatment of HEAT warhead impacts which could occasionally result in less or no damages, depending on the frame rate
  • Updated the armor files of
    o T-72M1
  • Fixed a typo in an instrument of the IFV PIZARRO
  • Fixed the naming of resource files to restore some seemingly missing thermal textures
  • Fixed a bug with the PIZARRO IFV's ammo count
  • Fixed a bug where troops in the process of dismounting "flickered" between prone and standing position for clients in network sessions
  • Fixed a bug with the LEOPARDO 2E where the roll angle of the gunner's daysight wasn't shown in the TIM
  • Fixed a bug with the reloading of CV90/40 ammunition magazines
  • Fixed a bug which prevented on re-runs of the same scenario the transfer of network messages between host and client machines that infantry units were shooting
  • Fixed a bug with the procedure of emptying the spent brass bag of the IFV PIZARRO that occurred when a human player entered a previously computer-controlled vehicle
  • Fixed a bug that would crash SB Pro if a UAV accelerated to maximum speed at high altitude
  • Fixed bug #978; now that Apply if works properly, the scaled scoring works as intended too
  • Fixed bug #1039; Coil and Herringbone formations now work again

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  • The installer now recognizes Vista64 and installs the proper CodeMeter runtime automatically

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It's still experimental, it's unclear whether we can include the results of the exporter in SB Pro PE one day, but still - have a look at this: :)


Some have reported that the link I gave was broken, even thouzgh it works for me perfectly fine on several browsers. So, please check the following webpage, and then click the image that belongs to the paragraph where Steel Beasts Pro is being mentioned:


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