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Leo2a4decals.dds in photoshop


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Hi there!

I what to change the Leo2a4decals.dds in photoshop. But when I open it most textures disappear in fields of colours. Background colour is now black.

When I look at the picture with window photoviewer, the background is white.

Can sombody help this noob by explaining why and what to do?

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When you say "fields of color", do you mean a red box at the upper left and a grey box at the lower right?

Thats right

To the left you see the file in win. viewer and to the right the file in photoshop.


If I save the file in photoshop, it would stay as the picture to the right.

Do I need to do change some settings while Im saving it?


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No, the one on the right is correct. In Photoshop, on the right, there should be a menu to switch between layers, channels and paths. If you click on "channels", you will see an "alpha" channel at the bottom. Click on that and you will see the rest of the decals.

Basically, the alpha channel tells the sim what to show, and what not to show. Anything colored black in the alpha channel will not be shown, while anything colored white will be shown. The RGB channels tell the sim what colors to make the "shown" areas. (If that makes sense).

So, in this decal, in the alpha channel where the grey box is, there is a unit designation line drawing. Since the RGB channel has a grey box there, the line drawing will be rendered in grey in the sim.

When you save this type of texture, you'll probably want to save it as "DXT3" (the explicit alpha option, third from the top). ***REMEMBER TO SAVE A COPY OF THE ORIGINAL, TOO!***

See attached screen shot for pointers. Hope that helps. If you need clarification or any other help, just ask. :)


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