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BG ANZAC - 06 AUG 15 (with TeamViewer support)

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Who is BG ANZAC?


Described here:


A couple of examples of the BattleGroup at work:

Multi Player session:


Training session:


So if you are interested, visit our web site and sign up.

Timings: Thursday evenings, Australian time

Next meeting: 0900 GMT on Thursday, August 6th

1000 in London (they are on BST now)

1700 in Perth

1830 in Darwin

1830 in Adelaide

1900 in Brisbane

1900 in Sydney, Melbourne

2100 NZST in Auckland


Count down: http://www.timeanddate.com/countdown/generic?iso=20150806T09&p0=1440&msg=BG+ANZAC+Steel+Beasts+Session

We continue the use of TeamViewer so people without the Steel Beasts software can connect and see and hear what we see and hear (looking over our shoulder if you like).


This maybe a suitable vehicle for people to see what the software is all about, without having to invest in even a short time limited copy.

Anyway we'll see how it goes.

Agenda: Multi-Player

So last week we drafted a plan for Kingtiger's Reserve Demolition Guard scenario

This week, ideally, I'd like to complete the process with the nominated Platoon/Troop commanders backbriefing me as to how they intend to achieve their part of the overall mission (the planning process repeated but down a level).

Then we'd execute the plan, using "pause and resume" to explain why decisions were made and their impact on the plan.

That way people are familiar with the mission and can build on that familiarity, rather than be overwhelemed by a new mission and have to learn too.

If my laptop behaves I can finish writing up last week's Tutorial before we embark on Phase 2 on Thursday.

As always, visitors / first timers / spectators are welcome.

The 64Bit version of 3.025 is now the "norm", but can run 3.023 or 3.011 if necessary and have a Hamachi license if we need to run 3.011 and you haven't quite got your port forwarding sorted.


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It was a near run thing but this is still on for tomorrow night.

The Internet connection died in Sydney on Monday night (and hence no possible connection from here to the machine with the dongle some 250km away).

Thankfully as of lunchtime today the connection was restored so we are OK for tomorrow.

Unfortunately it means the screen shots for the Tutorial couldn't be taken so that will come out after we execute the plan.

I'll do a quick overview prior to launch though and we will do the pause/Q&A sequence as required throughout.

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