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Welcome to the REALLY ANGRY THREAD :mad2::mad2:

This is a place for normal discussion, but all in an ANGRY TONE!!! GRRRRR!

Discuss something in angry talk TODAY!!! ARGRGH




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MATE.... you wanna talk about ANGRY... at least you get goddamned friggen Broadband. 6 Months my GODDAMNED exchange has been ADSL enabled and those money grabbing poof loving idiots at TELSTRA still CAN't Work OUT how to turn the damned thing on... WHY? So they can hold out for more goddamned money... YOU WANT ANGRY.... THATS ENOUGH TO MAKE ME BLOW MY GODDAMNED LID.

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GODDAMN IT! It's incredible that at the dawn of the 21st century it takes 2,5 hours to do a 3km track by car in this GODDAMN city!! I wanna go out & grab that SOB JERK who didn't had the intelligence to synchronize F***ing traffic-lights & push one of the lamps all the way right up his DUMB *SS!! JHIIIAAAAAAARRRGHH!

speaking of beaing angry & handling conflicts:

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Oh, yeah? And I am goddamn near 52!!! FIFTY-TWO!!! AAARGGHH!!!!!!:1:

Well, I'm damn near 62!

62? Wait. Social Security payments start at 62. Not a bad deal at all to be 62 :)

Go back to painting tanks, Fab, while I look for my store-bought teeth....


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42...52...so F**king what...just turned 57 and still have a kid living at home !!!! its a plot !!! They keep rotating home every year or so ....I think there Mother is behind the whole DAMN thing. Then there is the "Stuff" !!! George Carlin was rite !! there is a machine here somewhere that the wife use's to manufacture the Damn "Stuff"...its every where !!! The only reason the Son hasn't moved back home is because his old room is full of it!!! Floor to sealing boxes of it ,Hundreds of them !!!!! Been looking for that infernal machine for the best part of 25 years still haven't found it......

Then there is the Youngest Daughters boy friends...Wake the F**k up morons the bill of your hat is supposed to be to the front NOT the side !!! and while your at it might help to check the tag on your pants before ya buy them that way MAYBE you will end up with a pair that isn't all the time trying to fall off .I do have to admit there is a certain entertainment value when Rosco (my dog) gets them hopping around the living room like there feet are on fire and there ass's are catch'in when they come to visit........The more people I meet the more I like that dog !!!!!!!!!!

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I was going to say that I am angry because I just turned 30 but, after I read the posts above, it seems like that would make everyone else angry at me instead (which is not the purpose of this thread). So I will not say it, and only mention that I *was going to say it* instead.

Actually, what makes me angry is that we have to puss foot around and worry about the sensitivities and the fragility of everyone else's "feelings" (or we should anyway), so some of us suppresses what we really want to say. So yeah, I am angry because I just turned 30!! :mad2:

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I want JUSTICE:decu:. THE TRUTH shall prevail. Men however powerful are just passing by in this walk of life. The one who ROARS is the only living God. RROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRR(All powers tremble)

Well I'll get it alright either in this life or the next.

But how do you know there's the next life?

I saw God once when I was in my 1st secondary(fully awake). Don't ask me how Jesus look, His face was shining too bright for me to take a look at the face. It was His face alright. Couldn't even see His toes. I tried repeatedly to try to take a look but in the end both my eyeballs hurt. Didn't say anything though. But it was a loooooooong time ago:frown:. This keeps me going. My roar: ROOOOAAAAAARRRRR I"M NOT AFRAID!!!!! You bloody scum-moneybag! I may not make it to thirty but you shall not make it to eternity

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_--__[]KITT;140512']though. But it was a loooooooong time ago:frown:. This keeps me going. My roar: ROOOOAAAAAARRRRR I"M NOT AFRAID!!!!! You bloody scum-moneybag! I may not make it to thirty but you shall not make it to eternity


wtfmyHEADsplode :decu::decu:

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_--__[]KITT;140514']I offer you my condolences.

I take it back.

Congratulations! You have successfully died.

Even the dead are still complaining :mad2:. This makes me so angry.

Now I'm officially angry on being angry :decu:GGGRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR

Back off I'm in a foul mood today!!!:gen004:

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I'm actually very happy with the way Steelbeasts runs on my computer.

[Grunting] But I was extremely angry when I first purchased Micro$oft's FSX. Much like Hitler, I cursed M$ and swore I was going back to IL2 Sturmovik.

8 frames per second on a 3.4 GHz Extreme Edition with 4Gig of Memory and the latest video card!

Hitler had nothing on me:



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I hate that missions in CMSF where you take and hold pl Charlie just to have two platoons of tanks popping up 50 meters in front of you. I just followed orders and now I have to waste another evening of free time just to replay the whole thing and beat the system ...aaarrrrrgh. ....and by the way, what kind of a freaky load out are those Apaches carrying... one single hellfire, what's up with that. What's the coming around thing.... can't they just hover and bob up like normal people do? If I have to drive around in a wheeled tub, maybe they could have been sent to flight school....and how about not trying to kill that tank AGAIN for six minutes while the rest of the platoon get away.


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Well it wasn't a dead pixel. Though I can't play SB at max setting I'm happy with the way it is.

Just have to ask Nvidia: What crap are you selling me? Damn 8600gt! I think my 90 year old wheelchairbound neighbor could draw polygons faster with pencil and paper than your bloody crappy 8600gt.

Arrgh it is all a conspiracy....today's gpus are such crappy hardwares.

Then some system perfomance hogger software to run on the crap hardware....

In a few years desktop would probably be able to break into NSA mainframe while still couldn't run some bloody games:decu:.

Ps: If you want proof on my 90 year old neighbor, too bad he died yesterday

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