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Total Respect


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Just to clarrify,

In simple terms the Victoria Cross is awarded for act of sefless bravery in the face of the enemy. The George cross is awarded for the same level of bravery but not under contact.

In this situation the incident and act were caused by a booby trap and not during direct enemy action. If the same event had occured whilst under contact with the Taliban then a VC would be considered.

I know it is picking at the finer detail, and some would disagree, but the rule are there to preserve the honour of these top awards.

Charlie B

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Not trying to stir the pot, really.

I'm only suggesting that someone who throws himself on a live grenade to save his mates clearly deserves at least the best that can be had when it comes to awards.

I realize that they should be very hard to get or they become meaningless, but what does it take to win a VC if you don't rate for saving your pals? Under fire or not, if you take it upon yourself to offer yourself up you demonstrate the same sort of gallantry since you undertake the same risk. You're just as dead if you volunteer on the instant to absorb a grenade to save the lives of your squaddies, no matter where you do it.

Again, not trying to start an argument. I was voicing an opinion; I've backed my opinion, I'll sit down and be quiet now.


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Well, what award would this brave and plainly rational guy be recommended for if he was a yank?

In the U.S. Army, it's called The Soldier's Medal (the other US services have similar awards) and it the highest non-combat award, given exclusively for valor in a non-combat situation, usually involving saving the lives of others.

That pretty much sounds like what this fellow did and he certainly deserves it.


He would not qualify for a Medal of Honor but I guarantee the Soldier's Medal is viewed with just as much respect and (in my case at least) awe.

I recommended several of my MPs who were seriously injured doing extraordinarily dangerous things -- we're talking leaping into flaming vehicles and aircraft here -- in non-combat situations to save others and they didn't receive them. It's not an award granted lightly or frequently.

It ranks one notch below the MOH and is considered the equivalent of the Distinguished Service Cross, Navy Cross or Distinguished Flying Cross.

I've almost certainly seen more blue MOH ribbons than Soldier's Medals. They don't come cheap and I gather the British version, the George Cross, is the same.


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I wonder how much of this is valor on the part of the man or training and docrtine? Clearly he is a thoughtful and brave man giving exemplary service, but my curiosity remains: nature, nurture or a combo?

OT a little: it is nice to see so many Western (and other parts of the civilized world) armies cooperating in Afghanistan.

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