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Top Tank Platoon 2012-2015 interest


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Duke, 2 members of 507 are interested, Tom83 and Fuchs, but they want more details (when...) to answers definetively

ok, then we have the german/french brigade:

Duke, Gladiator, Tom83 and Fuchs.

Details: 4 vs 4, destroy the others, win


D u k e

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Hello tankers.

Volcano, the Russian community has interest in a tournament. Four players will ready in couple of months. Previously it`s Oleg, Flamm, Yoprst, LAN. The involvement of full crews is also interesting.

Team name is "RA".

Just saw that you edited the post to add the team name back on the 16th -- whoops I missed this before.

OK, I just added you guys as Team #4.

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OK, so October is finished.

Here is the plan:

1. I was reluctant to actually start the tournament in November because of the holidays that would interfere with available of all involved, and an idea in this thread was made to have it start in January. I think that makes the most sense, so the plan is to start the Tournament in January.

2. Because of that, the sign up will be extended to the end of November. This will help give maximum time for anyone else interested (and for the Canadian team to materialize). ;)

3. In December I will put out the list of tanks (with associated ammo used) for all the teams to choose from. You will then have the rest of December to decide and let me know (either via PM or a post here) on what your team's selection is. This also gives me time to get everything taken care of as far as the wiki page and scenarios.

4. This added time also gives an opportunity for some participants to change their mind about participating if they think they will be unavailable, and there will still be time left to replace/swap members. Just post here if any changes are made between now and DEC 1st.

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