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Dog and Sparrow delay action 1988 COOP; 28th nov15

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Posted Images


So what is happening:

The pictures are hosted/stored on the SB.org Server, in the member/private area (you need a login to access this)

An SB.org member posts a link to the picture hosted in the secured area of the server.

The SB.com server does not have authorised access to the secured area.

The pictures cannot be viewed when using the sb.com forum.

SB.com forum displays small black icon to denote where the picture should be.

To get around this,

An SB.org member needs to save the picture on the SB.com server (I.E. Upload the actual picture file to sb.com, and not just post a link.)


save the picture file on another unsecured server, such as a picture hosting service, instagram or SimHQ (see below) for example, where the sb.com server doesn't need authorisation to view the file.

And then they/SB.org member can post a link.

Does that help?


OK, so to solve the immediate problem of viewing the graphics relating to this scenario:


(Yes I know someone has posted this before.)

Got it! Many thanks Hedge. Somehow I missed the fact that the maps were available in The Other Place. And no, I don't mean the House of Lords. :clin:

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the staffing list looks good, maybe one or two or three for the 5th CO.

I got some more mission from Eisenschwein yesterday.

Looks like we will have a good old COLD WAR Winter time.:bigsmile:


D u k e

I can take I.PLT 5./911:

Majorduck can take II.PLT 5./911:

Then you can give the Leopard to someone with more experience.

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Success! I request command of III. PLT/2./JgBtl916 :cvcsalut:

Is that in writing?

"I hereby grant Pnz Ldr of leave from parental and domestic duties until such time as I, Mrs. Pnz Ldr deem necessary, 3hrs or a domestic emergency, whichever occurs soonest."


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so here are the mission for saturday.


In this package are 2 mission files.

1. Dog and Sparrow 1988 delay action_251115.sce

2. Dog and Sparrow 1988 delay action_251115_Falli.sce

We play Number 2. It`s the same mission like Number 1 but It`s included Fallis grafics, roster and warning orders.

cheers and I hope I will see you

D u k e

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Well My basic plan is swap over the dismount teams from the Flak HQ and FSO tracks.

That way the M113 FSO has a Self defence capability - ish (and can hang out in the rear with the gear.)

And the Fuchs can follow the SPAAGs and call in Arty.


If we use Preplanned TRPS,

Names that I propose:

Mace 1, 2, 3 etc = HE

Skulduggery = Smk/HE mix

Puff = Smk

Usurp = FASCAM

Shotgun = ICM

Bloop Mace = Mortar HE

Bloop Skulduggery= Mortar Smk/HE

Bloop Puff = Smk

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