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Cold War Battles Part II

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I`m very exited to see what the international Community has to say to the sce. and to fight aside JohnO. (Thank you for joining this and die besten Grüße an Deine Frau)

This are two of my last Scenarios that should show little task for a 3 ~ 15 User training Group and there are some special Tasks just known by Bundeswehr.

As far as I know the first Time one of my Sce. is translated to English Language, so thx to Duke.

I hope you enjoy and: See you on the Battlefield !


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Ok just registered with SB.org, (Just so I can see what's going on....)

12 Dec 2015 1945GMT

At the moment,

Yeah should be able to make that.

Dammit Panzer Leader, Does Mrs Panzer Leader not understand the fate of the virtual free world is at stake??!! :c: :)

You should to attend Duke's school of getting away with it...


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Servus Rhys,

Sorry kamerad, I employed all my tactical prowess to attend the 28 November activity so this one's out for me, as much as I might like to join you. Good luck! :cvcsalut:

no worries, I will prepare COLD WAR BATTLES III, IV and V.

Eisenschwein is working hard to update his classic missions.

I have also your Mission with the danish combat team in reserve and Kingtigers

mission too.


D u k e

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Hi John,

sounds good, you are back to the States or still in germany?


D u k e

Hallo Duke, ich bin immer noch in den Staaten, die DVT (Blutgerinnsel) hat uns zurückgehalten. Vielleicht im nächsten Jahr nach Deutschland zu bekommen.

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