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UKA session 22-11-2015


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So I made a thing on Sim HQ:

Words from the fearless leader:

Next week we will use Panzer Leader's latest mission, with M1(IP)s and Bradleys advancing on and securing a small town in preparation for a large scale assault to be conducted the following day.

Gather at 1900 GMT with mission KO around 1930GMT

Meet here:

SB.com Team Speak server


Port: 9987

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Yeah that is correct. The uk game time is one of the better for us. Just need to run a couple test runs first so they don't get to scared away ��.

So good to hear that. :) The UKA sessions were brought forward from 20:00 to 19:00 for exactly that reason. Don't worry about having everything working perfectly before you attend. We are always happy to give time to sorting out any internet problems or doing some basic multiplayer tuition for first timers. And for those who are new to simulated armoured warfare, we are similarly happy to run basic training missions. We NEVER drop newbies in the deep end of of complex scenarios and expect them to fend for themselves.

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PL's mission successfully accomplished by myself, Crusty, Herbs and King Tiger. I don't want to say too much until PL has had a chance to digest our comments and take a look at the AAR.

Swordsmandk + 2 also turned up and separately conducted basic training outside the mission. Next week is likely to be devoted to manoeuvre training for you new 'members' using one of MG's excellent Company Movement training scenarios. Should also provide good continuation and standardization training and and opportunity for discussion, so all are welcome. Reminder post will be put up later this week.

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Received this from Panzer Leader via PM. I'm sure he won't mind me sharing.

'Thanks Tjay for the AAR file and helpful comments. I'll review the AAR in detail when I get some time this week to see how it played out. The fact you didn't receive a counter-attack means I may need to review the scripting there as it should happen 100% of the time. I'll also review the randomization and probabilities to ensure it's generally challenging without being impossible. Thanks to you and the team for play-testing, it's much appreciated. I'm sure the published product will be better for your input. I'll update you via PM based on what I discover during my review'.

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