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My Life as a Leopard 2 Crewman - part 1

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if you want to know more about what being a tanker is like you can just ask some of the users on this forum ;)

here are a few:

Nils hinrichsen

Edward "Volcano" williams



probably some others.

Tacbat doesn't count though, he only flew planes in afghanistan.

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I've read that one, and many of the statements make me doubt a little if that OFw was an actual crewman.

Well, could also be that he is been out for to long and didn't remeber everything correctly ;-)

Or, if he's a current... I'm out to long an things have changed..

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"we do wear ear protection under our speaker set. Yes, unbelievably we do use Ohropax ear protection inside our ears and the headset on top"

L O L !

Yes stupid...stuffing something in your ear to protect hearing, what a nonsense.

As everyone know, and as I always teach to new recuits:

They hand out a package of 2 pills for each range(2 yellow for rifle/pistol and 2 green for AT-weapons)

You take those 2 over the day, either let them disolve slowly under you toungue or take them as rectal-suppository


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