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  1. Win7 tries to manage a number of user file types like game saves, docs and others. It wants to automatically put them in a user's app data location and in some cases will even though the ap doesn't expect that. Older and even some newer programs that default to the programs(x86) install location expect to find their files where the application wants to put them and can't when win7 shortstops 'em and puts them where it thinks they should be. to keep win7 from doing this apps designed under XP or earlier should be placed in their own directory outside of the programs(X86) folder. One would think that setting compatibility would fix the issue. Usually does in my experience but not always. I have at least one app, POA2 that putting it in the default programs folder on install may or may not run right. some of the Tiller games won't run if installed into the default programs folder in win 7 some experience no problems others have to do an install outside of the default. check the MS knowledge base - its in there somewhere. I think that most of the issue is with folks who turn off UAC in win7. But that is just my opinion, I can't prove it.
  2. I'll give that a shot this evening. Thanks for the heads up. didn't think about cleaning out the registry and the C drive for leftover stuff after doing an uninstall. Good idea. Win7 doesn't recommend using the Programs(x86) install locations anymore. Is there a way to change the install directory for codemeter runtimes? I ask because I normally put new software installs into their own directory just below the root and never in Programs. Don't remember seeing that option when doing the codemeter install.
  3. I always install as administrator. Right-click and run setup's as admin. Then I'll go in to the .exe's properties after install and usually set them up to run as admin's too. I noticed that the Dust file stated it couldn't find a number of files - like the password manager for one and IIRC when doing a fresh install there is something one needs to do with the master password but it's been since 2006 or so since I did a fresh install of SB PRO PE. I read a message somewhere that said the 11051 bucket was for 2.4 and higher versions. That's the bucket I've got and the version is the original disk version 2.328. If that is the issue I may just be hosed. Thanks for the heads up on the 2.64 coming patch.
  4. Thanks man! Surprised anyone even remembers me. Looking forward to ugrading to 2.64 assuming I can get 2.328 up and running 1st. If I can't get it running it wouldn't be wise in my opinion to assume 2.64 would run either. Hopefully SSnake will jump in with a solution.
  5. I don't have 2.64 but I do want to get it. Trouble is that 2.328 won't run at all and gives the error I noted in my post; something to do with not having some kind of key installed. I won't be getting 2.64 until I can get 2.328 to run. At that point I anticipate jumpin' back in with both feet right into the deep end. Very fond memories of SB1 from 2001 thru 2005. Pro PE had issues I couldn't deal with so bailed on it in '09 but it looks like they've been fixed from what I can see. I'm really looking forward to getting back in, taking back of scenario design and with my current machine seeing it in all it's glory.
  6. Stopped using SB PRO PE back in 2009... Saw some really cool you tube vids of 2.64. Installed original 2.328 vs from Disk to my current Win7 PC. Did not update from vs 2.328. All seemed well until I tried to load SB PRO PE.... Nothing happened. Traced problem to no license on codemeter. Uninstalled wibu vs 3.21 and updated runtime to 4.4 64 bit. Updated firmware. Got the license info back. Says I've got 11051 qty 1. Still no joy though. When loading SB PRO PE I get this message: CodeMeter or WIBU-KEY runtime system is not installed. What the heck does that mean? And how do I fix it? I have attached the CM-Dust Results file which may be of help. And when everything is fixed is the $25 upgrade to 2.64 available? CmDust-Result.txt
  7. Long time no see... Was watching a youtube video of SB Pro PE and got a hankering to get back in to the game. Got Windows 7 with a dual processor CPU. Any problems running vs 2.328 with that setup? Thinking about getting the latest 2.5 vs too. Any problems with it on Windows 7?
  8. Werewolf

    The Joust

    Version 1.0


    3 Scenarios that pit one tank against another on a narrow stretch of varied terrain. TIS is disabled. No Time limit. Tanks cannot cross the central river. This is a very, very intense scenario. M1 v M1 Leo v Leo M1 v Leo
  9. Machiavelli>Real Smart Italian Asshole
  10. The thread that never ends... Will it Never DIE? DIE DAMN YOU - DIE!
  11. offer (you can't refuse)>no such thing ... No such thing huh? Ok.. WW.. I'll give you 1 million dollars to never participate in SB in anyway again.. thats my offer.. please refuse it.. Please... LOL Well LS I hate to dissapoint ya' but pay up! Hell man if ya can't afford it there's probably a few folks here that'd contribute to the fund to make me go away (even though I've mellowed out a whole lot in the last year).
  12. offer (you can't refuse)>no such thing
  13. Patton>Montgomery Montgomery>Alabama
  14. >Fucking Hey! that's the first thing that popped into my head. And Grdn_7 I'm wondering what kind of women you hang out with if you consider them "Steel Beasts". On second thought I don't wanna know.
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