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  1. On 7/27/2023 at 5:32 PM, Gibsonm said:


    In both these cases you can do this.


    If a "vehicle" (IFV, APC, Truck, Helo) is close enough and has spare capacity, you can:


    1. Go to the 3D world.

    2. Right click on the unit icon in the lower right hand corner of the 3D world.

    3. Select "Load troops" and it will list the units nearby that it can take, they do not need to be the original passengers.




    Here the A Coy Bradley can mount the surviving Javelin team from F Coy as well as its original squad.


    This is not an automatic operation (which maybe what you are after) and needs to be done by a human as and when required, but it is possible.


    Observation regarding the screenshot:  Nice skin.  But nitpicky point, the rear bumper numbers were on the sponson boxes not the ramp and Mauler, or M Company, wasn't a cav troop but rather the squadron's tank company.

  2. A couple points to consider about paying for user made scenarios.  Over a decade ago I posted a series of scenarios that had a good run here thanks to the generous recommendations of some of the community members.  The scenario pack had a lot of downloads.  But I wouldn't ever be able to claim total 'ownership' of it because I used a map made by someone else -- the CMTC map.  The map of the Hohenfels (Camp Hornfelt) training area was the basis for the idea of the whole pack.  So if there is any intellectual property right to the scenario pack, who can claim it?  I spent about over 500 hours drawing the Haune Valley terrain map by hand from some topos I photocopied in a library.  Dark Angel prepared the height map.  There are some beautiful maps of that region available now that are much more detailed and faithful than my primitive attempt, some of which may be based in part on that work.  Who owns that?  Could I spend 5 hours cooking up a company level single player scenario on a map that someone took hundreds of hours to draw and claim primary credit for the scenario?  IDK.  But even though I haven't been active here for years, I still stop in to look around regularly.  And this still seems to be a place where people co-operate.  Throwing monetary reward into the mix might change that.

  3. 9 hours ago, Ssnake said:

    Not quite. The actual coordinate is close to point Nemo, but still a literary reference - R'lyeh.

    "Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn"


  4. The video showcases only four vehicle models.  The M113 has external fuel tanks, which is anachronistic given that the other three vehicles are a T-55, a BRDM-2, and an M60.  

  5. 14 minutes ago, Panzer_Leader said:

    I'm keen to hear if others think the training strategy document has the same value I do?   

    I based the Camp Hornfelt scenarios in large part on task list from the old ARTEP manual, some of which I have kept posted here.


    That set of scenarios seems to have been popular since having been posted long ago.


    So short answer to your question: Yes.

  6. 18 hours ago, Ssnake said:


    So, "Fingerspitzengefühl" maybe is actually best translated as a mix of gut feeling, an inkling, a haunch, or the sensation revealing a convincing mental picture about the enemy's disposition and intent as the basis for your own decision what to do next.

    Also perhaps "Coup d'oeil".  Being able to judge distance at a quick glance.  A valuable skill for a cavalryman or artillerist.  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Coup_d'œil

  7. Just uploaded and awaiting approval.  I understand that the new map loading function should be good to go.  Any criticism will be appreciated.  Here's the briefing:



    Company Team Bannon - OBJ Link

    04 AUG 1986, Kernsbach.

    The Cold War has gone hot and we're a couple days into the Third World War.  Warsaw Pact and NATO forces are engaged in central Europe.  The local situation is very fluid.  Captain Bannon, your M1(IP) tank company is attached to a mechanized infantry battalion task force, TF 3/78 Inf.  The battalion spent the previous night road marching.  It is now ordered to conduct a forward passage of lines through the position of remaining elements of TF 2/93 Inf, who have been overwatching crossing points of the Kerns river along an important north/south line of communication.  TF 2/93 Inf has one mech company at Kernsbach guarding the Althausen crossing and their scout platoon is overwatching the crossing near the village of Lemm.  They report that there has been enemy activity in Althausen and Lemm and suspect that the bridges in these locations are covered with obstacles.  They also report that the Kerns should be fordable for tanks along the stretch just north of the scout platoon screen position.  The terrain feature opposite the 2/93 scouts just north of the river, marked on the map as OBJ LOG, is suspected to be occupied by a reinforced motor rifle company. 

    Our battalion, 3/78 Infantry, will pass forward to clear and hold the village of Arnsdorf in order to secure the line of communication.  Your company team currently consists of one mechanzied infantry platoon, two tank platoons-your third platoon is short one tank lost to mechanical breakdown during last night's road march, your tank, the XO's tank, and an attached fire support team.  Bravo Company is in place and the battalion mortar platoon is on-site.  However, the task force became separated during the night road march and Charlie Company has not yet arrived.  Nevertheless, the battalion commander has just directed you in very clear terms that your team will, without delay, cross the Kerns river and secure OBJ LOG.  You will then also clear and secure OBJ Link.  After OBJ LINK is cleared, Bravo Company will move to clear Vogelburg, and Charlie Company -provided they make it here- will move to clear Arnsdorf.  You presently have priority of fire for the mortars.

    Designer's notes:  

    This scenario depicts a set of battles described in Harold Coyle's novel, 'Team Yankee'.  The battles, as described, take place over the span of several hours.  The company team takes significant losses securing LOG and then loses contact with the battalion as it clears LINK.  The remaining elements of the team hold at LINK for the night, waiting to re-establish contact the following day.  That night a motor rifle battalion counterattacks. This scenario generally follows the depiction with some slight modifications for gameplay. The scenario does not have a time limit and is designed to take place between 1900 hrs 04 AUG 1986 until about 0100 hrs 05 AUG 1986.  It is intended that the player may manage the time using the pause, save game, and F12 time compression function.  The F12 function compresses time if there is no contact between opposing forces. The player is tasked with clearing OBJ LOG and OBJ LINK, and then defends OBJ LINK from a counterattack.  The counterattacking forces do not spawn until 'H-Hour', which is set as 2300 hrs.  After spawning, the counterattacking forces take about 45 minutes to deploy before launching the counterattack.  After clearing both objectives and preparing to defend OBJ LINK, the player may compress time until the counterattack so long as there are no remaining forces in contact.  In order to facilitate gameplay by insuring that no undetected enemy forces may prevent use of the time compression function, clearing OBJ LOG is an event that once satisfied will result in a text message that the objective is clear.

    The scenario will end if there are no longer any of the player's forces in OBJ LINK once the Red counterattack has begun, or if the player reduces the counterattacking forces in LINK to a number lower than his own (effectively holding the OBJ).

    Scoring is based on clearing OBJs LOG and LINK, holding OBJ LINK against the counterattack, and the player's remaining strength.

  8. I've been away for awhile, so I'm not as up to speed as I'd like.  I've been trying to get someone help me playtest a scenario written with the new upgrade.  I uploaded the contents of my map package folder which is now available for download.  I emailed a copy of the scenario file to the tester.  He has downloaded the map files from here, but reports that the scenario file cannot find the mind.  I understand that the map UID might have changed when it was prepared for download here.  Are there further steps that might help the scenario file recognize the new map?  Perhaps trying to open it up in the mission editor and use the replace map function to find the newly ID'd map.  Or would it be better to verify package file names?

  9. 6 hours ago, Wrench said:

    RE: Camp Hornfelt mission 1, it seems to me that the enemy tanks are in just about the best possible positions on that map (which makes sense) but it sure makes assaulting them much more difficult.

    If you can see them, you're exposed.

    If you're in a good hull-down position, you can't see them.

    That a tough nut to crack.

    I don't know if this will be of any help, but maybe ---


    The intent to that first scenario was to replicate the value of the 'Tanks' scenario from SB1.  That scenario consisted of a single player tank on a small plot of rolling terrain and nine enemy tanks that moved around in a semi-random pattern.  It was very helpful in learning how to maneuver using terrain and avoiding skylining, et cetera.  The point of the first Camp Hornfelt mission was to try provide something similar but with a platoon rather than just a single vehicle.  The point was to distinguish when different movement techniques would be appropriate -- e.g., travelling or bounding with overwatch by sections.  The way the scenario is constructed is to spawn enemy by time.  The spawning is semi-random to allow for re-playability.  The longer it takes for the platoon to approach the objective, the more heavily it will be defended.  Move boldly, but don't get rash.  More caution is wise as the objective is approached, but don't dither around getting there.  Also, if I recall correctly, smoke is your friend, call for some every now and then.



  10. On ‎5‎/‎1‎/‎2017 at 9:25 PM, paradoxbox said:

    Are there any similar training camps like Hornfelt for the other playable vehicles now? I am interested in training as an opfor kind of guy in the T-72's and other Russian equipment, I always did like to play as the bad guy.

    Not a training camp, but this might be interesting for you, especially with the upgraded BRDM2 model.


  11. "I can go back even further then that.

    I actually played this in the arcades back in the day. LoL"



    Gunner, Battlesight Saucer. Fire.


    We're taking fire.  Permission to retreat?


    Tanki vpered!


    Hero, First Class.


    I wanna be an M1 when I grow up.

  12. On ‎9‎/‎3‎/‎2016 at 6:44 PM, TSe419E said:

    My first unit also, B Troop, Feb. '80 to Sept. '81.

    When I was in Hinesville, most cav troopers drank at Ronnie's Place, irrc.  Myself, I spent too much time at a buy-me-drinkee bar called the Holaday Lounge or something like that.

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