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Found 4 results

  1. Getting bad stuttering and significant drops in FPS when I zoom in/out, or transition to binoculars, or just use the zoom in key. For example, using a drone and toggling magnification takes about 2 seconds each time I toggle in or out of zoom. Using the Swingblade. 2 second freezes when I toggle magnification or switch between day and thermal sights My internet is down but I will post a video at some point when it comes up.
  2. Version 1.0.0


    This scenario file is a simple test with nine measurements that should be taken with the framerate counter active with default graphics settings in this order: Overdraw Day: M60 gunner's daysight; look into the deep forest; take a screenshot Overdraw Thermal: M60 gunner's thermal sight; take a screenshot Overdraw 2: After three minutes the weather will deteriorate and reduce the visibility from 6,000m to 3,000m. Repeat both measurements per step 1 and 2. Rural: Switch to the tank driving between the M60's position and the nearby town. From the vehicle commander's unbuttoned position: Take a screenshot City: After arriving in the town, observe the traffic along the main road into the city center; take a screenshot Particles: When artillery sets in, observe in that direction and take a screenshot Line of Sight: Finally, jump to the main force in ther southwest of the town and take screenshots at the height of the battle, and and the end of it Compile the frame rates along with information about the computer system, then calculate average frame rate and determine the minimum. eSim Rating Rules fOr peRformance (ERROR): <20 FPS minimum: Unusable <24 FPS minimum: Not recommended >24 FPS minimum: Low Performance >36 FPS average, >30 FPS minimum: Medium Performance >48 FPS average, >40 minimum: Good Performance >55 FPS minimum: Great Performance
  3. I upgraded from a GeForce GTX 770 (2gig) to an MSI GeForce 1070 (8gig). It's selling for $400 on Amazon, which is a big difference between the 1080. Installation is incredibly easy; the last time I manually installed an upgraded video card was probably 15 years ago, when manual BIOS updates were required. I installed the hardware and GeForce Experienced recognized new hardware and installed new drivers. Noticed a pretty big improvement in SB, while ArmA performance has not changed at all. Kudos to the developers, as I know they are currently (and always) looking at ways to improve the performance of the game.
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