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Clearing Kandahar (CANFOR) 1.0.0

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Clearing Kandahar (CANFOR Version)
by Apocalypse  
I. Situation.     Enemy fighters have taken control of Kandahar province. Afghan Security Forces have either retrograded from the area or have fled from their positions. Enemy fighters have total freedom of movement, and intelligence reports now indicate a potential enemy offensive being planned against the Kandahar Airfield.  
            Composition: The enemy fighters in this area have gained significant momentum and are heavily-armed with automatic weapons, obstacles (command-wire IEDs, mines, and wire), RPGs, and Recoilless Rifles . The enemy also has acccess to 81mm mortars which have been used against the airfield in recent indirect-fire attacks. The exact mortar-firing location location remains unknown, but counter-fire data suggests potential mortar firing positions in the Thickets or Pomegranite fields.
            Tactics: We expect the enemy to be well coordinated. They will fight in small teams (2-4 men) using indirect fire to fix, and indirect fire to destroy friendly forces.
            Command and Logistics:  Intelligence indicates that there is a high likelyhood of an enemy Command Post that is located in Dand. This command post is responsible for controlling the activity for all enemy fighters in the area, as well as the planning activity for an planned attack on the Kandahar airfield. We also suspect a supply cache located in Dand that is pre-staged to support the attack on the airfield. 
            Local Population: Local sentiment remains neutral. However, that can shift dramatically if any side were to show hostility toward the local populace. 
II. Mission.     Attack to clear enemy forces from Objective Rangers to set conditions for follow-on attack on Kandahar City.  
III. Execution    A Canadian Mechanized Rifle Battalion has been ordered to the area to conduct a deliberate clearance of Kandahar City within the next 24 hours. Your Platoon will serve as a shaping operation and clear the area directly north of the airfield, to include OBJECTIVE RANGERS - this deters any enemy attack on the airfield and provide time and space to allow follow our forces to conduct a large-scale clearing operation. 
            Key Tasks 
                1. Clear Objective Rangers 
                2. Locate / Destroy the enemy Command Post 
                3. Locate / Destroy the enemy mortars 
            End State (Win Conditions) 
                W1: OBJ Rangers Cleared 
                W2: Enemy Command Post Destroyed 
                W3: Enemy Mortars destroyed 
            Fires: A 120mm mounted mortar section is available for your use 
IV. Service & Support: Your platoon is full on supplies; a logistics rally point has been established on the FOB and will move forward as the mission progresses 
V. Signals 
            Map Contacts: Own Party 
            Friendly ID: On 

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