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  1. Vikingo

    Tactical FPS

    yes! One of the best movies of all times, along with "Street Trash (1987)"
  2. Vikingo

    Tactical FPS

    Yes Red! Hope so. For me will be "something good in 2020 or lost faith" hehe Still we have 2077 and will be good for waiting a little more
  3. Vikingo

    Tactical FPS

    Watched almost the entire CitizenCon, looking nice as always (following since year zero, played Wing Commander at 5 fps with AMIGA 500, good memories the same and love the fighters launch cinematic sequence like old Galactica...) Still hope to be alive to can play the "final" version somedayTM
  4. Vikingo

    Tactical FPS

    Not tanks but also tons of metal and explosions played all the original ones and have big hopes for this one...
  5. TAM tank Firing. You can rotate/zoom the view "360"
  6. Vikingo

    We love photos

    or maybe they fear the UFO turret effect if they have more ammo in there
  7. wow! nice surprise. glad I turned on systems earlier today
  8. Glad u got it working! Time to return to the battlefield. 4.160 looking great!
  9. Here says 4.160. Did u check the default installation folder of the patch? Good luck there!
  10. Muchas gracias por la actualizaciĆ³n! (many thanks for the update) Leopard 2 is a pleasure once again using keyboard+mouse Time to stop flying inside the T-72's UFO turret and return to the NATO files for a while
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