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  1. wow! Lumituisku you are really hunting bugs out there. thanks for that, sim will be even better. ps: eSIM please hire him for QA!
  2. Commodore 64 + Amiga 500 proud owner. No problems with upgrading but those two are keepers
  3. Thanks for the update! And please don't forget to check if the ERA bricks are exploding fine (T-72) I know it was corrected BUT maybe with the new changes they didn't work anymore (again)
  4. thanks for the news! the more Cold War the better, insta buy for me
  5. For celebrate the good news from Ssnake (here with 4770K+1080gtx) some nice videos:
  6. "The largest military exercise in our country took place in 1984 and was called Shield 84. It was attended by 60,000 soldiers from seven countries. Compared to the usual exercises of the Warsaw Pact troops, however, there was one unique feature - a mass launch of 72 aircraft that had to leave the airport in Zatec in just five minutes."
  7. +1 for pre download. Great idea
  8. well thing is not like that please check here (posted March 1)
  9. Thanks for the update Ssnake! Hope will be in April but looks that many questions remains for the next version, so... patience Is always good to know how the things are going, thanks!
  10. nice to see the bug hunting/killing never stops! and I dare to ask, any status on a possible Q1 window release? thanks!
  11. Thanks Bond_Villian for the files! ps: Gibsonm roger that! Thanks for the advice. I will take a look Happy New Year ALL !
  12. hey! any chance to download Civil War Krasnovia-Scania-4010a Saw a video at youtube and was great. Want to try/test it here. Did a search at files but didn't find it. Also TF Deutschland 1978-4019b Looks nice. Thanks!
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