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  1. Vikingo

    We love photos

    or maybe they fear the UFO turret effect if they have more ammo in there
  2. wow! nice surprise. glad I turned on systems earlier today
  3. Glad u got it working! Time to return to the battlefield. 4.160 looking great!
  4. Here says 4.160. Did u check the default installation folder of the patch? Good luck there!
  5. Muchas gracias por la actualizaciĆ³n! (many thanks for the update) Leopard 2 is a pleasure once again using keyboard+mouse Time to stop flying inside the T-72's UFO turret and return to the NATO files for a while
  6. Thanks for the notes! Can't wait to use again Leo2 KH/ZU/KW with keyboard like in the past
  7. Please Gunship 2020 + full B-17 with those classic and nice interactive main screens!
  8. Muchas gracias Volcano! (many thanks) Great news When the patch is up I will test and report back (if problems arise)
  9. Keyboard shortcut to activate the "detail camera" (great feature) without going to the menu , thanks!
  10. You brave man Hoover! maybe we just need a single file from for get the "old" controls scheme back, but which one? (until official fix) Please keep us updated and hope no crashes there!
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