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  1. Vikingo


    A competitor re enters the scene πŸ˜‚ Steel Thunder
  2. wow! another thing to add to the massive difference in technology with the "west" tanks, I like the T-72 (a lot) but I always end inside the Leo 2 A4 😎 thanks for the reply πŸ‘ ps : happy the red dot is not random in the sim πŸ˜…
  3. Great tips!! Yesterday thinking about the mighty T-72 I ask myself why the laser range finder red dot is not centered with the actual aim/hit point? Please any technical info about that? Why they didn't just place the damn red dot in the center so you don't have to recenter all the system and shoot? πŸ˜… Just normal Russian tech or Alien crash site recovered one? πŸ‘½ Can we mod it in sim? (I know NO -I tried-)
  4. So agree! One of the best looking tanks out there and sssooo Cold War. happy like the first day to can have it in the sim 😎
  5. memory of the release of T-72 for Steel Beast Pro, first driving sesion and feelings (min 4:23) 😁 (
  6. Vikingo

    Tactical FPS

    yes, "just" like in Steel Fury. I'm fine with that. Right now the battlefields are so empty! πŸ˜ͺ
  7. Vikingo

    Tactical FPS

    Just read at forums that IL-2 Tank Crew will feature INFANTRY (like in Steel Fury) and an improved control system. Yes, SoonTM (but those are good news) 😎
  8. and 125 mm from inside 😜 (wait a little for it) https://youtu.be/iphD-hWzwfA?t=3468
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