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  1. Vikingo

    Tactical FPS

    And... the mighty BMP-2 finally arrives
  2. Thanks Gibsonm, yes that was the list that make me ask (nice addition the country names). Maybe is just add the [AR] in a single line of code and the TAMs can have the country attached I know it should not be that easy
  3. Now that we have the TAM tank (btw great model) and other (local for me) units please can we have Argentina [AR] in the list of countries? Or maybe is actually there Thanks! 👍
  4. Russian children on school holidays [link to video, loud sounds] Never had that chance as a kid
  5. jaja yes ! U have to take care with Halford he likes to kick phones from people 😱 😁 https://youtu.be/6FqNGg9g2AU Saludos desde Argentina y brindo con una cerveza por España 🍻 Viví allí algún tiempo, buenos recuerdos! ☀️ (greetings from Argentina and toast with a cold beer for Spain. Lived there for some time, good memories)
  6. Will try this with next version (+apple DLC) (sorry for the music, not my video)
  7. It's JULY please unleash the new version. Will listen the Metal Gods!
  8. yes! I hope to can buy this one (someday...) But I still have my old AMIGA 500 fully working with monitor, external floppy drive and original mouse
  9. Same happened to me, but third try did the trick (Chrome) Pre order complete!
  10. No problem! We love to see THAT in movement
  11. Thanks for the cold (HOT) video Grenny👍 outside -4C all ready for July down here😎
  12. Yes! a warm sunray just entered my window in this cold winter morning 😊
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