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  1. Roadmap

    Thanks for the update Ssnake! Hope will be in April but looks that many questions remains for the next version, so... patience Is always good to know how the things are going, thanks!
  2. Release Roadmap for PE 4.1+

    nice to see the bug hunting/killing never stops! and I dare to ask, any status on a possible Q1 window release? thanks!
  3. Thanks Bond_Villian for the files! ps: Gibsonm roger that! Thanks for the advice. I will take a look Happy New Year ALL !
  4. hey! any chance to download Civil War Krasnovia-Scania-4010a Saw a video at youtube and was great. Want to try/test it here. Did a search at files but didn't find it. Also TF Deutschland 1978-4019b Looks nice. Thanks!
  5. Any new crewable content since 2016?

    The more T-* the better (also BMP-1)
  6. ETA on terrain patch?

    Like my marriage No big problem, just more free time now to play Steel Beasts and with other beauties
  7. ETA on terrain patch?

    Thanks for the news! Will buy it the same free or not
  8. Video Thread

  9. Video Thread

  10. Tactical FPS

    Thanks Red! Yes, played so much hours to SAM Sim. One of my favs, even turn my red light here while playing for better atmosphere Really immersive and always dream to see something like that in DCS (more now that SA-2 -and others- are coming to DCS) I really play more with "Combined Arms" module there simulating battles than actually flying I always learn a plane and forget all the others, too much systems and stuff to remember. Just programing the HOTAS for each plane is... But still I wait for F-14 later this year (hope so... announcement comming on Oct 7th) Some footage with SA-2 and SCUD All the best!
  11. Tactical FPS

    Wow! Didn't know about that one (too much Star Citizen waiting here hehe) Will add to the list, thanks! Also Uboat (later this year) + World War 3 (tactical FPS on steam this october with nice levels, Moscow, Berlin...) October will be a great month. AC Odyssey, Fallout 76, Kursk, WW3, DCS (SA-2 (confirmed), SCUD (hope so))... 2019 Steel Beasts (with a vengeance) , Metro, Cyberpunk 2077 (hope so!!)
  12. Video Thread