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  1. Vikingo

    Tactical FPS

    yes, "just" like in Steel Fury. I'm fine with that. Right now the battlefields are so empty! πŸ˜ͺ
  2. Vikingo

    Tactical FPS

    Just read at forums that IL-2 Tank Crew will feature INFANTRY (like in Steel Fury) and an improved control system. Yes, SoonTM (but those are good news) 😎
  3. and 125 mm from inside 😜 (wait a little for it) https://youtu.be/iphD-hWzwfA?t=3468
  4. Vikingo


    ☒️ ICBM ☒️ https://store.steampowered.com/app/1178220/ICBM/
  5. Vikingo


    hey! thanks for the heads up. Waiting for Sea Power and Cold War Game and didn't know about Regiments. Downloading demo right now
  6. Sherman M4 Amiga 500 (1989) also good memories with "Team Yankee - 1990" But killing tanks since GUNSHIP (Commodore 64 1986) 😎
  7. Vikingo

    Tactical FPS

    Not that tactical but I was dreaming with space legs since I played Elite back in the 80s with Commodore 64 😎
  8. Vikingo


    thanks. saw the news! yes, very happy indeed 😎 and the B-24 is a PLUS
  9. yes, will have optics. "Just" no full clickable cockpits πŸ˜” So I will keep flying up to the sky inside my Steel Beasts T-72's turret πŸ˜… but of course is nice to see more tank sims out there or at least nice projects
  10. Sadly no cockpits for this sim. Maybe in a future DLC but just external view and optics. (source : official discord)
  11. Vikingo


    thanks for the extra info. Hope it will be non VR compatible. U know, more systems more sells ☺️
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