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  1. I dont know yet if i can join but put me as a maybe in the leopard platoon.
  2. Since we are almost with one player per vehicle, what about removing enemy map contacts?, just for a bit of extra pain.What do you think Assassin 7 ?
  3. If I can keep recon 11 and no one else want to Co, yes, put me as Co.
  4. Thank you Nike, but i dont know yet if i can join this Sunday. So give units if someone wants them and i will take whatever is left if i join(or jump as gunner if no units left)
  5. Put me in A14 pls, i also can take CO if Assassin wants to go back to A11.
  6. The TGIF Battlezone mission, I think last time we played it was like 4 or 5 hours until we were defeated by AI.
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