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  1. Few wishes: -Faster inf when nudging heavy weapons, right now is too slow to be useful -PC/IFV resupplying their OWN inf at distance, like normal supply truck, with no need to mount/dismount inf. -Tactics BP keeping the spacing from the previous route,not going to medium spacing always.
  2. I stay in recon better, i dont know when im going to leave.
  3. Put me in recon. I will have to leave mission before end, but recon usually dies fast, so should not be a problem 😁
  4. I run another tests at different distances with similar results, 6 leos destroyed with 8-11 rounds( in total), and aiming at center of mass.Most of the tanks were killed on first shoot, but 1 or 2 needed 3 shoots. Maybe my RNG is broken? test-2_10768_081419DESKTOP-VEAL0150.aar test-2_10768_081419DESKTOP-VEAL0145.aar test-of-26_10768_081419DESKTOP-VEAL0135.aar
  5. It would be interesting if some else test these missions and post the results.
  6. First test mission: thfgh.sce , you need to open with the mission editor and play from the red side, you start in cover, so you need to advance like 200-300 m north to see the enemy. I repeated the test with another mission to confirm it wasn't an extreme case, and the results are the same(6 kills with 8 shots, 1 leo resisted 3 shoots, other 5 killed with first shot), i upload the mission and the aar (test-of-26). thfgh.sce test-of-26.sce test-of-26_13428_081319DESKTOP-VEAL1135.aar
  7. Im uploading an aar where you can see t-72 firing and killing 3 Leos2E hitting in the front turret with HE,not sure what it is, if the overpressure or the round itself but something is wrong here. thfgh_20700_081119DESKTOP-VEAL0131.aar
  8. In the relase notes one of the bugfixing says: "No longer showing certain laser effects in the AAR" What is this?,what is a laser effect?, never seen that on AAR.
  9. Now is 5/10 for KE, is this change intentional?
  10. Is possible to do this inf -pc coordination during game( not planning phase)?
  11. Someone for a mission in 2 hours?
  12. -Infantry, now crawl less and shoot more. -Snipers, they are deadly now, one shoot, one kill -Transparency for ground cover in thermal sights, is interesting how that small change can improve playability a lot. -On the AAR the option to look for events only in the area of the map you are looking, very useful for big MP missions.
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