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  1. Are there any rules to limit the use of drones? I remember last campaign where was very dificult to move outside forest due kamikaze drones.
  2. You are right, the black screen was not beacuse the TIS shield was closed, but because TIS was in standby.Everything is working OK i think. I need to read the relasease notes more carefully .
  3. AI close the shield automatically and is impossible to reopen. Only works for m1 versions, most of the other tanks(have not tested all )have the bug.
    Fun simple mission. For some reason somethimes is not counting the kills in the AAR.
  4. And talking about this week's mission, there is some small bug with the messages. At first I thought I had read it wrong, but no, on the AAR you can see the message: [21:34] Great leader, your pilots have been eliminated. Make the invaders pay for their crimes! But the pilots arrived safely to the airbase.
  5. I will be there too, 2 more and we can play something. Maybe we can do the Future Wars missions again.
  6. Unfortunately I can't join this Sunday. Have fun and save the AAR, i want to see how it went.
  7. Would like to Co but i cant confirm until Saturday, so position is open. @Kingtiger you did a great job even if you think you didn't, you just have to ask Nike
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