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  1. Also important note for all: Chris has updated his mappack to ver 2.0: We will base ALL our scenarios on this mappack plus the official mappack - and ONLY those two - for at least the next three months. So to be able to play all our scenarios you need to download and install them at your leisure. Ask if anything is unclear or you have any issues - at least any game related issues 😉
  2. You are welcome anytime And so are your 2 buddies
  3. Or you could play with some of the remaining VU´s which mostly play COOP´s? They all have room for not-so-experienced people, and in fact welcome them with open arms
  4. No one is pointing fingers at you or Esim Nils. I however squarely point 10 fingers and 10 toes at Post Nord (The Swedish postal services actually bought ours, so its the same company now). Also I didnt lose my package. It just took them forever to process it - forcing me to download everything via the download page. I will have to accept that I have to pay a substantial amount of money to get the package imported ... for reasons - again not pointing fingers at anyone in Esim. BUT for the HUGE fee they take to open my parcel and send me a letter, then they at least could send the parcel to me in a timely manner once I have paid. My wife actually experienced that the postal services sent her parcel BACK to what turned out to be China (it was a danish company that forgot to state that they sent their stuff from China - so she ALREADY paid danish VAT and tax on the items) .... they claimed that its because she didnt reply in time, but thats a lie: not only did she not ever get a letter from the postal services. She actually called them several times, where they went from "we cant see it in our system" to "we dont know" to "ahh .. that one has been sent back because you didnt contact us".
  5. Its the same in the Brother Country .... I am thoroughly unimpressed by the Postal Services
  6. MANNING: Team CRUSHER Command Crusher 66 (LEOPARD 2A5): Mirzayev (Kanium,US) Crusher OPS (MAN KAT1 w. RWS): Crusher 81 (Piranha-IIIC TACP): Crusher 1 (LEOPARD 2A5A2-DK) Crusher 11 Cupcake (?,US) Crusher 12 AKA_Clutter (AKA Wardogs squadron,US) Crusher 13 Connaugh (Kanium,US) Crusher 14 Roerbaek (Kanium,DK) Crusher 2 (LEOPARD 2A5A2-DK) Crusher 21 Assassin (Kanium,US) Crusher 22 Gunslinger (Kanium,CAN) Crusher 23 CavGunner (Kanium,US) Crusher 24 Raven434th (?,US) Crusher 3 (Piranha DF 90) Crusher 31 Nike-Ajax (kanium,DK) Crusher 32 Crusher 33 Crusher 34 Chrisreb (Kanium,UK) Beast 1 (Piranha DF 30) Beast 11 Grenny (Kanium,DE) Beast 12 Duke (Kanium,DE) Beast 13 Beast 14 Furia (3. Reg TIZOMA,ESP) Beast 2 (Piranha DF 30) Beast 21 SnS (Kanium,UK) Beast 22 Kingtiger (Kanium,SE) Beast 23 Dboy (Kanium,UK) Beast 24 Crusher 84 - 4 x M1064 Crusher 5 - 7 CSS: Medic, ARV and SUPPLY OPFOR: NONE - SCRIPTED No more needed Where needed: Cant make it: Apocalypse (Kanium,US) Major Duck (Kanium,DK) Hosting: Nike-Ajax (17)
  7. until
  8. KANIUM SUNDAY 25th of August 1800 GMT - Operation Dragon Hunter by Apocalypse Where: Kanium TS : teamspeak3.i3d.net:10077 World Clock 1800 GMT (Same time as always - now adjusted for European Summer Time: click the time below for your local time) World clock 1800 GMT IMPORTANT NOTICE: This SB session may be recorded with video and sound and uploaded, including to a public youtube channel. IMPORTANT NOTICE II: I suggest to all who play with us download and install Chris mappack: https://www.dropbox.com/s/hr1jl33xxhacftx/SB Converted Maps v2.rar?dl=0 For the next three months at least we will be working with this mappack and the official one when making scenarios. Everybody is Welcome: you don't have to belong to Kanium. We love playing with you all, the arranger and CO loves you even more if you sign up in advance Apocalypse Operation DragonHunter I. Situation In the Last 48 hours, militia fighters have moved south and occupied the Gomahalo peninsula. This holds significant value, as the Gomahalo peninsula has been declared a de-militarized zone after years of civil strife. Intel now suspects that militia fighters have done this under the guidance of Chinese advisors operating in the area - also confirmed by friendly Signals Intelligence (SIGINT) sources that have been intercepting Chinese military communication. The local militia is well armed - T62 tanks and BMP1's with trained and equipped infantry formations. Additionally, a Chinese command node is operating in the area and advising militia leaders as well as providing short range air defense (rough location is marked) to the north, near Badme. Badme is also of significant value - the militia has historically used this village to stage operations and base themselves. Expect a prepared defense. A NATO task force has been quickly assembled at the Gomahalo airport, to the south. This team also include a UAV that has been placed under your tactical control. II. Mission Team Crusher attacks to defeat militia fighters in Gomahalo and Badme. III. Execution Commanders Intent Defeat militia forces by clearing them from the Gomahalo peninsula and the village of Badme. Prevent further Chinese influence in the area by destroying their command node Key Tasks 1. Clear Gomahalo of militia fighters 2. Destroy the Chinese C2 Node located around Gomahalo 3. Clear Badme Fires 4x Mortar carriers organically controlled by your company IV Service & Support Repair, Resupply, and Medical are organic to your company V. Signals Succession of Command: 66, 65, C-11, C-21, B-11, B-21 No change to signal SOI
  9. You being happy and having fun is honestly thanks enough 😊
  10. Good mission and good turnout - for all the guys who are on the fence about doing MP, just join like @AKA_Clutter and have fun with us There is no pressure and obligations other than to have fun and we will help sort you out and get started
  11. Sorry to hear it: best on your recovery @Colebrook Want a tank?
  12. So ... The Elephant in the room obviously is the lack of a CO...
  13. It has a LEMUR 40 mm joyspreader - putting you in A54, if you want A32 then tell me
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