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  1. On 22/04/2016 at 9:56 AM, Marko said:

    Lucky the US Airborne troops don't follow the Russian VDV policy of air dropping BMD's with dismounts in the vehicles.  LoL


    That maybe because the US had already tried it jeeps; I remember seeing a training vid that was probably from the early sixties.

  2. It's utterly pointless trying to discuss specific methods to address the issue at hand. This isn't a topic for this forum, neither I nor dejawolf are the programmers, nor does anyone in this thread actually have a full overview of the situation. And I am utterly disinclined to describe the full situation at length.

    All that needs to be said about the question, has been. The team will look into the matter, and circumstances permitting, will address it. Once that it has been fixed, we shall announce it - whether that's going to be a special news bulletin or a line in the release notes, we shall see.



  3. Thank you,

    That looks interesting and would be affordable, just to try at that price. Not sure about the bio-metric fascial recognition though; My Beloved can't get thumb print to work consistently on her iPhone.

    And ocular rift is supposedly going to be around $200 sometime this quarter.


  4. Another hopefully welcome feature of practical value will be "force templates", allowing you to configure the equipment of each mech infantry team so you can have, say, multiple variations of infantry platoons for the same nation but different tables of organization and equipment across decades of doctrinal changes. You'll be able to save company and even battalion force templates, which you can then share with the community so you can create your scenarios much faster without having to put together everything from scratch, every time.


  5. If you enjoy modern warfare then absolutely. I'm weary of the stock missions though. the maps are too small, and modern weaponry has such range that it makes any kind of maneuver nearly impossible. However, the random mission generator is great - especially when you can customize every vehicle in your formation.

    One day I wish for SB to have infantry as capable as CM for purposes of commanding and movement.

    Well, I will remain loyal to Steel Beasts, after all I came here because of a support issue with my copy of Shock Force.

  6. I wonder how the pride of the Indian army compares with the Pakistani MBT

    The AL Khalid. Bit of a unknown entity cant find much info on the AL Khalid.

    I know it was part designed by the Chinese but Build in Pakistan


    Does this help:


  7. Many vehicles today have Halon or the newer replacement that is better for the environment (I forgot its advanced name...)

    Once the system engages you are supposed to exit the vehicles damn fast. So be sure to not be unconscious or stuck in your gear vs belt.

    If you are dead you do not have to obey the exit command.


    Yeah, it was the speed that 'got me'.

  8. "The K1 is also equipped with a Halon fire extinguishing system, which thanks to its internal infrared sensors, will automatically extinguish a fire in the crew compartment within 0.025 of a second!"

    And the crew can still breathe?

    Halon systems, in buildings, usually give occupants a short time to exit.

  9. 3.025 runs fine for me on my laptop with Windows 10 (Intel i3 2.4GHz, 8GB RAM, Intel HD Graphics 4000). I played a single player mission and everything works just fine :-) I haven't tried multiplayer with it.

    Great news!

    I was wondering.

    I was going to wait a couple of months, but things seem to be going well apart from Microsoft's authentication servers running hot.

    I heard it would be continually updated, so may not be a service pack.

  10. Tonight I received an invitation for a free update to Windows 10, when it is released. I assume most people did, my second thought was how will Steelbeasts run on it.

    The reviews make it look good, just wondering if anyone has tried one of the prereleases. And any ideas on how Steelbeasts might run.

    Speculation is that release will be in late July.

  11. The F-16, F/A-18, F-22 are all primarily fighters, with bomb dropping as a secondary option.

    The F-35 is primarily a VTOL design with everything else a secondary option. The Harrier has the same problem

    I do like that summary!

    We seem to have lost sight of something, maybe the lessons from WW2 and Korea?

    The Harrier seemed to be effective against Mirages, but that was a while ago.

  12. Thank you both so much.

    I am trying to semi randomly spread red infantry around to provide surprises. I had thought of conditioning routes with the sub unit designations, but I could see that getting too fiddly. I am doing a few of these.

    "Designate an 'embark if: this is ___' route to the vehicle; the troops will follow an unconditioned route." That worked! I was thinking that since they are subunits of the platoon, then they would all satisfy the condition.

    Now a few more routes with random conditions and red infantry could pop up from time time.

    This is my second, but more serious scenario. I'm guessing it will be modified often!


  13. Hello,

    I feel I am missing something simple, again!

    I have a number of red carrier platoons moving to way points and disembarking the troops; so far so good. From there I want the infantry to move to one way point and the vehicles to another.

    Trying to use the embark if condition on the routes, but cannot find an embark if / if not infantry.

    Obviously I am missing something, as I am sure this must be possible.

    Thank you


  14. I'm new to Steel Beasts, just got my code stick and manual last week.

    Under creating a mission, there is a section on Formation Templates. It says you can save a force structure as a unit template. It does tells you how to add units using templates.

    But it doesn't tell you how to make a template. However it refers to a 'Manage templates' dialogue, which I can't find.

    Does anyone know where I can find the instructions for this? I have searched and have come up empty.

    Thank you


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