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Found 4 results

  1. Version 7.0.0


    Mission 1: Operation Talon Strike This is what I see as the first user-created operation, since the Operation system was introduced several years ago. Background This operation will take the player through several Platoon-sized missions using a variety of vehicles and equipment, and set in a fictional European conflict. Each mission is limited to four playable vehicles, with adjacent BLUEFOR units scripted to move with the player-controlled units. Performance Matters: Major Victories will result in benefits for the player and may unlock future missions. Defeats will still progress the operation, but may put the player in a tougher spot for future missions. Defeat = advantage REDFOR. Installation Drop the Talon Strike folder and .opc file in the following directory: Documents\eSim Games\Steel Beasts\My Operations This went through three Beta's before being published. Let me know if you find any bugs and I will do my best to fix immediately. Special Thanks: Mirzayev for beta testing and providing valuable feedback Thanks for Playing! ==========OPERATIONAL SITUATION========== Radonia - a nation facing a violent, internal conflict. a. General Situation Radonia sits on the Eastern-most edge of the region. Previously part of the larger Dradvic Republic, it has been an independent nation since the end of the Second World War. Years before separation, the Dradvic Republic used Radonia as a buffer between itself and bordering NATO-aligned countries. However, since its post-war separation, Radonia has faced internal challenges with hot-blooded rival political parties and a radically fluctuating and unstable economy. All the while, the Dradvic Republic has maintain significant influence along its northern border, and many northern Radonian families still maintain ties in the Dradvic Republic. In more recent history, political rivalries reached a flash point; two years previous, the youth of Radonia called for national reform in economic and trade policies, but many conservative groups quickly rejected the change and sparks ignited across the country. Those sparks quickly turned to flames, and in that time Radonia saw a rapid rise of violence and armed rebellion groups. As conditions deteriorated across Radonia, political leaders in the northern regional capital of Malinska denounced their union with Radonia and declared separation into an independent state. The regional capital, Malinska, sits near the northern border between Radonia and The Dradvic Republic. People of the region have historically favored the Dradvic Republic, in culture, lineage, and political views. In the recent chaos of Radonia, the most notable armed rebellion group has been the Radonian People’s Militia, who seemed to have organized, armed, and deployed forces faster than any other armed rebel group. b. Enemy The Radonian Peoples Militia (RPM) is manned, equipped, and trained as well as any Radonian military unit. Radonia previously enforced a conscription program which has allowed for most adults to gain a basic understanding of tactics and discipline, but the RPM is also supplemented with combat advisors and cadre from the Dradvic Republic. Deterioration in Radonian security forces also allowed the RPM to raid military depots and arsenals in the north to equip their own forces. The Radonian Peoples Militia - Malinska Brigade (RPM-MB) is center of gravity for the RPM. It’s leader is a recorded member of the Dradvic Republic Special Purpose Forces, and is capable of receiving funding, equipment, and additional manpower directly from the Dradvic Republic. The RPM-MD is organized into 5x Battalions: 3x Mechanized Infantry Battalions [MIBN] (2x BMP-1 / 1x MTLB) 1x Tank Battalion (T-55) 1x Field Artillery Battalion (2S1 / SA-19) 1x HQ & Support Company A majority of the Brigade's combat power is positioned in the city Malinska, where they can maintain the most influence. Battalions are also positioned along Highway 10; 1 MIBN defends the eastern flank near Latria and Kovuto Island, and 2 MIBN defends the west flank near Tashoor. Their Field Artillery battalion has batteries split, in support of MIBNs along Highway 10, but we suspect that they have positioned their SA19 systems to the east of Malinska, as it is a more suitable air avenue of approach for our aircraft. The Malinska Brigade command post is currently established inside of Malinska and is a hotbed of activity for military coordination as well as political support from foreign visitors. From this command post, the Malinska Brigade leadership can coordinate operational activities across their front, as well as logistics efforts to the north, along Highway 1. c. Friendly The Radonian ground forces are well-equipped, trained and led. However, their entire Ground Forces Command only consists of two Home Defense Brigades and one Infantry Brigade. The Radonian Home Defense Brigade in Malinska disintegrated last year, with most of its members joining the ranks of the Malinska Brigade. The remaining members still maintain their positions south of Malinska, but in limited numbers, and are most likely not capable of preventing the Malinska Brigade from attacking south of the city. The 1st Radonian "FALCON" Brigade (YOU) has deployed to the area and is prepared to conduct combat operations against the Radonian Peoples Militia. The Falcon Brigade consists of Task Force HAMMER (Leopard 2A4) Task Force ANVIL (Pizzaro) Task Force SNAKE (LAV-25) Task Force HAWK (Special Operations Recon) Task Force THUNDER (2S3) The mission of FALCON Brigade is to defeat the Radonian Peoples Militia (Malinska Brigade) operating in/around Malinska to restore the security posture in the region and improve Radonia's national security posture against international threats. Our Brigade will do this by swiftly attacking into the flanks of the Malinska Brigade to secure key terrain and influence support-zone activities, and to isolate the defenders of Malinska. Once conditions are set, we will launch an aggressive armor attack into the city-center to destroy remaining RPM-MB threats and restore the security posture of the area.
  2. The TankSim Discord team will be running this small event, with support from multiple virtual units. Event begins on 26 DEC and ends on 29 DEC with nightly games occurring at 2300 GMT / 1800 US EST. If there's any interest here, please sign up at the TankSim Discord. The link is in my signature.
  3. Version 3.0.0


    CHARGER I CHARGER III Operation Charger by Apocalypse and @ben This is a 3-scenario operation where you take the role of an Combat Team Commander that is responsible for spearheading an attack against an enemy Motor Rifle Regiment. Forces Available: 3x Platoon of M1A2 2x Platoon of DF30 1x Battery of Mortars 2x Bridge Layers Resupply & Medical Assets The Brigade Reserve is available on-call (1x Tank PLT / 1x DF30 PLT) Credits to the playtesters from TankSim: Mizayev Figmo Hedgehog Nike Ajax TC237
  4. After searching here, I found a few scenarios that have "Operation" in the title, but are not Steel Beasts Operations. Has anyone written a full-blown operation for a single player?
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