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The Random Factor


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Hi guys,

Would someone be so kind to explain the random factor when seting up scenarios, i have tried with giving an enemy unit a move to order and setting the new variable at 35, 75 and 100 for three different routes, and also using the jump to x1 variable set at 35, 70 and 100, when tested on both cases it seems random the first 3 or 4 times then it remains at either one particular route or one perticular jump to option.

Im fairly new to all this but some help would be appreciated thanks, ive read scenario making tutorial etc but not everything is explained fully, would be nice to randamize some enemy units for single player games to keep them varied thanks for any help in advance, :)

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Feel free to download the new .sce I uploaded tonight and check out the red movements in the editor, lots of different uses of random numbers in there! (Word of warning though, if you test it and choose the red side, turn the sound down, it will drive you nutz!)

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