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Leopard interiors


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I believe if text an arm's length away is out-of-focus, you need glasses. On that premise, I've been reworking the interior panels of the Leopard series so that I don't feel like I need a new prescription.


Elements of these files appear in all crewable Leopards (with the exception of the Leopardo and Strv 122, which have their own language-specific graphics, and are not covered by this mod).


I can't improve on the lit buttons until I can solve the voodoo of the "changertexture" graphics file. But what I have done is re-do the blurry text on panels viewable by the gunner and commander, added a few details and some text missing from the stock textures, recreated some of the manufacturer labeling, and upgraded much of the fastening hardware (bolts, screws, etc.) 


The textures -- leo2A5_hi1 and leo2A5HI2 -- are not "higher-rez" but rather the same size (2048x2048) as stock. 


Sources were mostly Google images and a couple of YouTube vids of the interior of a Polish Leopard 2A5. Plus a clue from Ssnake (thanks) which I was able to confirm via one of the videos. The work is based on the stock 4.363 graphics files and some 15-year-old textures by (apparently former) community member Hase, so it's not 100 percent my own art.


Click on the images for full detail.









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So this is pretty minor as far as issues go, but it got my attention:


There seems to be a bulb out on the multi-launch control of the Danish Leopard 2A5's. 🤨


The area that (based on my guess of the pictograph) indicates smoke is dark, while the one that appears to represent HE grenades is lit. By comparison, both are lit on the Leopardo, which has the same unit. That makes me wonder if it's supposed to be lit on the DK Leopards?


I realize it's not a fully clickable/functional control, as smoke/HE don't appear to be selectable on either unit (although the covered switch does control whether you can launch smoke or grenades, and the arrow buttons do govern which side of the turret the smoke salvo is launched from).



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Thanks for the work!


I figured out that you can put the files just in


C:\Programs\eSim Games\SB Pro PE\textures\woodland\{nationality}


The program will load textures from there if there aren't already corresponding files in the mod folders.

So you can save some diskspace and work for not copying the files in every environment folder.

As you don't overwrite any textures it should be safe to use and easy to delete.

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Yeah, that works, and I like how you think. Cuts down on copy/pasting by about 75 percent. 
And, other than it being unsanctioned by eSim, it's unlikely to be an issue until patch/upgrade time rolls around -- and, even then, the files would be left behind when you uninstall, and not overwritten on installation of the new version. 




And there's the rub. If you should ever need eSim to troubleshoot some sort of user issue, they might take a dim view of modded files installed in unsanctioned places. They give us a dedicated mod folder structure for a reason. So, take that for what it's worth.

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The search priorities in both the regular texture folder tree as well as in the mirrored mod folder are documented and, in that sense, officially supported. Note that eSim Games does not provide tech support for mods. If you have texture problems anywhere, our advice is to rename the mod folder and see if there are no texture problems afterwards. Then you know that it's a mod problem, and in that case you're on your own.

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