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I'm back


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Hi guys,

first and foremost I'd like to apologise for my extended absence. It wasn't that I'd lost interest, just that my laptop initially stopped running SB and then I went away for a prolonged period time working on farms, followed by some time away in the States. Since then, I've joined the Army reserve's B Squadron Royal Wessex Yeomanry, which is a Challenger 2 based regiment in Old Sarum (tanks kept in Tidworth). My Officer app has been reopened since I've done a load of exams (another thing occupying me) and I expect to be on the AOSB Briefing in the next month-6 weeks.

I am still doing bits and bobs work, but it's a bit quiet at the moment as I'm focusing on the Army reserve and my Officer app. I'll be heading off on my 2nd set of basic training on either March 6th or April 24th (depending on whether I go to Dublin or not to see my insanely hot Californian lady who's inconveniently touching down this side of the pond on March 12th).

After bravo is done and out the way, I'll be doing my Land Rover driver's course and radio signals course at which point I'll be cleared to start my Chally 2 driver's course! Not sure how long the Officer stuff will take if I pass, if I don't then I'll be enlisting as a soldier in either the KRH, QRH or RTR and shall be a tankcrewman as opposed to the coveted Commander's slot I'm trying to chase now.

Anyway, I'll be checking these forums regularly and I hope you'll have me back as I did enjoy the nights I attended and SB is running well on this new laptop.

Right, I'll let you chaps get on, hope to hear from you soon!


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