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M113 TOW thermal imager capability


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Hi Team


A question for the Canadian and Danish Cold War experts: When did the M113(A1) TOW variants in your respective countries receive thermal imagers?


It's hard to tell from my research. I'm guessing mid-80s through to early 90s latest but it would be good to have more specific timeframes if possible for existing and pipeline scenario work.


Thanks in advance!

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I will have to check deeper, but 1980's seems to ring my bell.

Found this on our DND site:

"In early 1977 the brigade (ie. 4 CMBG) received ... the TOW anti-tank weapon. In early June 3 Mech Commando and 1 R22eR completed operational TOW training." From this you can easily say that the Brigade Group in Germany was operational with the TOW system by 1 Jul 1977.

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Thanks @MikeKiloPapa and @DK-DDAM, that gives me helpful dates for the Danish M113 TOW and means I don't have to make changes to my 'Armoured Infantry Company Attack at Rydsgard 1991' scenario, which has thermal imagers on the TOWs.


I'll be interested to see if 12Alfa or anyone else can shine more light on when the Canadian vehicles got theirs.  I know their Leopard C1s started receiving retrofitted IRS 100 thermal imagers from 1986 so suspect it may be around that time frame for the TOWs too, but that's just an educated guess on my part.  


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25 minutes ago, 12Alfa said:

Form what I have read they (TOW Systems) came with the TI sighting system.Read a few articles on the Inf school classes and it only states the same system was taught.


Thanks.  The scenario in the pipeline features a Royal Canadian Dragoons combat team in 1985 with a potential M113A1 TOW section from the accompanying infantry unit, so I'll leave the thermal imager enabled in that case.



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