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Map making. Copy Paste elements and textures ?


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Hi guys


Is there a way to copy paste elements in the map editor?


Example. Here is a nice little farm I made. Takes about 20 mins or so. Is there a way to copy the elements and textures, (something like the second image), to then paste somewhere else on the map to streamline the process?


If this isn't a feature, I would make great use of it for highly detailed maps if it was introduced into a future update.  BTW if there is a way to export the texture file I am using here I would gladly share it with whomever wants it. 




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3 hours ago, Ssnake said:

There's a long and convoluted story why there is no copy & paste in SB Pro. To cut it short: There will be, in version 5.



Ohhhhhh well........I am excited for Version 5... What engine is being used? Unreal 5.1 ?

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