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I am totally clueless though coming from a flight sim pedigree.

Generally I don't think you'll find the switchology much of a challenge. Land navigation provides more clues, and above all, you won't spiral to your death if you go too slow, or run out of fuel. The real challenge is to learn to appreciate tactical situations and to maintain situational awareness in a rich and dynamic environment about which you practically never have complete information.

Also, you'll need to understand the strengths and limitations of the various weapon systems, and how they must provide mutual support.

The usual recommendation applies to you like to every other new player - try to run through a tutorial series for any tank that you like (we recommend the M1 or the Leopard 2 as they are both detailed in their modelling, popular in most game sessions (be it online or offline), and their fire control system is often used in other vehicles as well (with some variations). Then branch out to other vehicles, but learn to handle one to the point where you don't need to think much about keyboard hotkeys and engagement procedures. Once that you are at that point, try to spend as much time as possible in the commanders' seats rather than the gunners' pit because you simply have no situational awareness as a gunner.

As the commander, if you learn to trust the computer-controlled gunner, you can concentrate on observing what's actually going on (and hopefully learn from it).

Use the power of mission playback of the AAR. That's the point where, if you still remember the scene when it happened to you, you can compare what you thought was going on with what really happened. It's always good if there is a high degree of match between the two, but it's more important to look at the episodes where you recognize a difference. The bigger the difference between what you thought the situation was and what the AAR shows, the more important that scene usually is (so try to understand WHY this happened).

Don't hesitate to jump into the waters of the multiplayer pool early. You'll find most other players helpful, I think. There's only so much that tutorials and single player missions can teach.

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Thanks Gibsonm

I'm on the east coast of South Africa (just updated the location in profile) so not sure my boss will approve of the timing :)

For now I really just need to get familiar with the machine and am doing a lot of reading on the forums and trying to get myself organised before I dive in.

I downloaded the files you recommended, thx. Will get to them in a bit.

Think I am going with the Leopard 2 for now and will go through the respective training for that to familiarize myself with it as best I can.

I have a myriad of usb devices connected for flight simming, have read a number of posts here (from other flight simmers) about the controllers and setup and have downloaded a few of them to get an idea on how best to logically map out a profile for myself with what I need as a starting point.

Just been messing about with the keyboard and mouse a bit over the weekend with the Joystick option turned off for now.

I have had my eye on SB for a long time, years in fact, and never got round to it properly. Being impulsive when I saw the new payment options I seized the opportunity!

My first goal is to just get configured and understand how the different positions, systems, kit, procedures, etc in the tank interact with each other.

Thanks for the help and offer.

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