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Skin Request (dejawolf...)


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If possible, and if anyone is inclined, may I request an alternate skin for the Hind weapons? In particular, for the current rocket pods to become the model that has the cone shaped muzzle. Also, for the AT missiles to be the older Swatters.

On a side note, did the Hind canopies get a darker tint with 3.0?


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Don't worry, I haven't forgotten about the truck template requests.

I will get to it... Just know, that I'm making cool stuff, and fixing broken stuff. And in these last few months, that has completely used up all my mojo.

Having said all that, if someone is absolutely die'n to have one of the templates mentioned, send me a pm. They are very messy, with a bunch of layers that need to either be deleted, or merged together.


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Guys - Don't know if this has been raised before, but has anybody any thoughts or work done regarding civ skins? Thoughts:

- civ "airline" skins for Chinook and other "transport" helo

- "Police" variants for a couple of the cars (inclu the HMG 4x4)

- "Police" uniform option for civ "troops"

- Civ Ambulance

- "Commercial" versions of trucks etc (advertising logos etc)

Would make for more "immersion" - or at least that's my argument!

Cheers and thanks!

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I did a white & blue Iraqi police skin for the technical (thilux) awhile back. I just looked for a screenie of it but can't find one. For shts & giggles I also changed the license plates to things like 72-VRGNZ and added bumper stickers like I (heart) Jihad to some of the cars. Yeah, I'm twisted that way.

Since 3.0, though, I don't believe it's practical to skin the pickups, cars, etc, since they draw randomized colors from the game engine.

There's a lot of opportunity for mischief with the civvy people skins ... but I don't think anyone's ventured there, yet. For police and such, I think there would be headgear issues. The models are what they are.

As far as "airline" skins for the Chinook, that one puzzles me a bit. -- Do any airlines fly Chinooks? I'm not sure I get how that would aid "immersion."

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I understand the point regarding the police headgear etc, but in regard to aircraft - yeah, while it'd be more appropriate to have a "fixed wing" aircraft, I have seen a number of companies flying "chinook" variations, including currently in Afghanistan. The other helo are "easier" options - Police (again), mining companies, charter companies and the like.

"Immersion" factor is really for multi-sided scenarios - If I'm going to be "playing" as an internal security organisation such as Police, it'd be more appropriate to have a vehicle or uniform that looks appropriate......

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This has probably been asked for before but .. are there any 3011 standard Leo2a5 skins available or in development at the moment ?

Try the Panzer battalion 911 site.

Those guys have some unique skins for the leo you will have to register.

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The beautiful T-64 models are a bit on the monotone side. May I request an alternative skin for it so these tanks don't look so washed out? Thanks for your consideration :thumbup:.

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Edited previous feedback on skin.
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